Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lady Liberty

The group of misfits had had their share of the magnificent fluid and consumed until their stomachs and bodies could take not another drip of this liquid wonder. They decided to leave the cave when they ran into a wise old woman who had the craftiness of a witch to tame two ferocious lions. The woman was called Jeandra. Together these three circled the group of misfits now known as Cepters. The Cepters stood in horror while the male lion, Casponious slowly crept towards the boy. The boy showed no fear although in his mind he was quickly trying to think of plausible escape routes. He found none. It was then when Bailara joined in the movement. All were shaking when the old women spoke with such softness.

You are the band of Cepters and I have come to tell you of a quest you will undertake to defeat evil on the hill. Prophecy tells of an evil woman standing high on the hill of Gellert. She is positioned high on the hill, this imposing woman towers over all man. It was designed by the great Hungarian sculptor Zsigmond Kisfaludi Stróbl and is a sign of liberation, but the evil ones have taken power of the statue and it must be freed. It was intended to honor the memory of István, son of the Hungarian Regent Miklós Horthy, who disappeared into the eastern front. The central figure is the Lady of Liberation and she is holding the powerful and mighty palm leaf. Her body has been taken over by the Wicked Yeti who has complete power over her magical skills. Standing on its pedestal, she reaches great heights and has a great thirst for male blood, so to you fair maidens use your powers wisely for the men folk will be weak. Be careful, at the base of this evil mastermind are two allegorical compositions that look to be harmless. I warn you those are her minions and they do her biddings. They are the representations of progress and the battle with good for they are evil. With this the old women took command of her lions and bid us farewell with a pound on the ground with her giant snow boot.

The band of trekkers decide that from this point on it is best to split up, each group taking one powerful women with them. The boy takes our elfin friend as well as Laurnia the dark haired beauty. The mighty Csongor takes with him the beautiful light haired Piroska. They hurry to the top of the mountain to see what awaits them in the three statues.

The boy and his crew take the short and steep route luckily they find a valley set in a gorge in the Earth’s crust. It is walled on each side by rocky cliffs left by some monstrous natural disaster leaving behind only this dale as well as the magnificent, beautiful stream of the Old World- the Duna. The sight was amazing; when the three reached their destination they almost forgot the reason behind this traitorous hike, the statures. Their gaze was fixed on the flowing Duna below.

The other two took the path leading to the top. It was them who awakened the Boy, the Elf, and the Fair Maiden from their trance. Together they explored the outer perimeters of the Statue’s base. It was not long after as they were discussing the great history that surrounds them that the heard a deafening noise, the sound of urgency came piercing to their ears. The glowing red of the stature’s eyes alarmed all the Cepters, only the Boy remained composed.

They heard her cries and soon the two statues to the sides of the great woman were slinking towards the Cepters. Csongor grabbed Piroska and bound across the platform which they stood in hopes to surround the minions who were moving in close. Laurnia thought quick and with her powers created a fire circle around herself, Bene, and the Boy. She looked to the heavens and secreted a liquid all around them causing flames to ignite and protect them from the allegorical beasts. They were foolish and stepped right into her trap and with one touch of the mystical flame and they disappeared to unknown lands. Now it was up to Csongor and Piroska the stop the Wicked Yeti.

Lady Liberty took her palm branch and with one swift swing she knocked Csongor to the ground. Piroska looked and could see he was not moving. It was up to her. She grabbed Csongor’s might Excalibur and leaped into the air, landing upon the Yeti’s broad shoulders. She knew the Yeti was after this sword for it held a powerful, magical potion that some could not resist. Piroska knew this was a risky move but she was quick and sly. She bound to the left and with a swing of the sword struck the Yeti’s nose. It did not do her any harm, so Piroska decided to protect Csongor’s mighty Excalibur and jumped back to the ground.

The others could not see what was happening, they could only barely make out the moans and groans from behind the ring of fire. They struggled to listen but it was hard to distinguish what was happening from inside the fire walls safety. A shriek was heard over head. Just when Piroska was about to make yet another attempt on the Yeti’s life, she was suddenly swept up by a giant metal bird. The bird came down and grabbed the Yeti in its bronze talons and took the Yeti away.

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