Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Meaningless Journy/Cerimonial Swording

Piroska, Csongor, The Boy, and the Dwarf all took the portal leading to the world against the kings. They were all alone in a desolate land on a singular road. Within a few steps they found a chest. Csongor used his mighty strength to open this chest. To their surprise they found two things inside. A map and a peculiar honing device. They knew what to do with one, but the other was another mystery. With determination they set off.

All thought they were reading the map correctly. And in the world which they were most familiar, they were. But, this was the Land Against the Kings. The four did not know it, but things here were backwards from that of the Land of Kings. That is the reason for the centuries of feuds. So when they thought they were heading East to Great Lands, they were in fact heading North towards the mountains. They traveled for many kilometers not knowing that the map had deceived them.

Several steps later they still had not reached any destination. Piroska, whose name shouts of red, and the Dwarf who carries the color upon her head had an urge come over them. They had spent many hours in the pleasures of the tents, and now unfortunately nature called them. The Boy and Csongor hesitated to allow the two to venture off the path into the fields to terminate this feeling. But being strong willed women, and the urge even stronger, the two in fact headed for the fields.

Csongor and The Boy went to keep guard while the two women did their duty. The men hid behind a bush to keep out of site, but well in the site of the women. While the two women were squatting in the field they felt a pounding in the earth. Before they knew it the Wicked Yeti ambled pass without noticing the four. The Boy could feel Csongor shake with fear at the site of this wicked beast and could only wonder what had happened in their last encounter. All was a mystery.

Meanwhile as the four others ventured in another world, Laurnia, Bene, Wood Sprite, and the Unwedded Bride all found themselves in another part of the World of Kings. After lying low for a minute and feeling confident that the Black Thorned Rose had disappeared they risked what could have been their lives to head back into the tent of trickling liquid of life. While quenching their thirst Wood Sprite’s eyes catch a man and his hookah. She being of the trees, and he appearing to be friends with tree dwellers she boldly went to make herself known.

This was a brave and wonderful thing for her to do, because the man was in fact Prince Rezso, son of King Király, leader of the World of Kings. The Prince had his eye on the beautiful Wood Sprite and bade us to join him in a ceremonial smoking of the hookah. With little hesitation they all joined in. While partaking in this ceremonial passing of the pipe, the four travelers told the Prince and his merry men what they had encountered through out their journeys. The Prince seemed to think that was a great defeat and tactic, using the power of the portals. He decided to crown us honorary soldiers and teach us the great art of sword fighting. They agreed, but first they would wait for out comrades and until then they drank, ate, and were merry.

Upon the return of the peeing posy, they took the Prince’s offer to learn the art of the swords. He clothed them all in proper soldier’s gear, and placed swords in their hands. Piroska did not need the lesson being a master sword’s woman herself, so she aided in teaching the others how to handle such a weapon. Once again Laurnia could not master the art of this weapon. When it came to swords, she had very little practice and the idea really did not interest her in the least. She was fonder of the art of summoning beasts and having her hand in boxes of magic. The others were masterful in this great art. Each mastered a certain type of sword.

Piroska and Csongor masters of the sword already were awarded different means of battle. Piroska was given more potion pills to use at her will, and Csongor was given The Apple of Elation to go with his Ritter Steel War Sword already in hand. The Boy for his dexterity with the sword received the Valiant Armory Bastard Sword. The Prince, holding onto his Black Prince Sword, wanted to give Wood Sprite a giant sword, but she having already accepted the Official Korbács would only take his Falkata Sword with a brass handle. Bene earned a Late Roman Dagger to aid him in battles. The Dwarf and Unwedded Bride also proved to be experts of the sword. The Dwarf also earned a Falkata while the Unwedded Bride proving very skillful received the Sword of Crusades. Last but not least was Laurnia, who proved unworthy of a sword. Instead she was given a Scepter of Fire. The Cepters at this decided to leave the Land of Kings and venture into the many worlds to find what is lost.

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