Thursday, April 27, 2006

Whats up with laura

I am pround to say that I have had a wonderful week here in Hernádnémeti. I have been enjoying the great sunshine. I had visitors one weekend and we enjoyed watching my sixth through eigth graders play in a football match. Unfortunately they did not win but Liz, Jenna and I sure did. Jenna ran and scored us some ice cream from a passing ice cream truck. We all went to Miskolc and had a good time shopping and talking.

At school I have been busy. I have been taking the kids outside to teach them 4 Square. It was my favorite game as a kid so I thought they would like it. I was right. They love it, plus we made the court way bigger so it is more of a challenge. I am excited for the weekend where I will be traveling to Tata. It will be a good time I am sure. I am also interested in planning a cooking weekend where we will attemp stuffed cabbage so anyone who is in the area and interested let me know. I have a good cooking kitchen. Oh yeah 30 days until my mom and dad will be here!!!! Well the sun is hogh in the sky and I have avoided getting any real work done at home so I better get going to be productive.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still stoked about Kade's arrival!!!

At this moment in my hungarian adventure I am enjoying a wonderful spring break. The weather is wonderful, the sun is shining, the birds are happily bathing in puddles created by the many rivers that are on the verge of flooding, and the storkes have landed and are busy doing what storkes do in their nests about the city. I am enjoying my break in Szolnok, a city to the south of Hernadnemeti. I am spending the time with my just as cheap as me friend Emily.
I bought some interesting and wonderful books today for a wonderful price in hopes to further my knowledge in the hungarian language. One is called the Story of Hungarian, a guide to the language, and it discusses the liguistics and gives information on the nature and workings of this unique language. I also, being a huge classics fan, found a book that has William Shakespear's sonnets written in english and hungarian. I am hoping this will assist me in figuring out word order and forms. I was excited on both finds and am excited to dive into these books. First I have to finish The Drowning Tree, given to me by Mariah and The Prince's Bride from Emily. If you did not already know that is what most of us teaching in Hungary do on our free
I have also been preparing for a visit from my parents. I am so excited to show them how I have been living for the last 8 months, to ease some worries, and to show off the wonderful people that I live with. And they can see my CETP crib!!!
I have already touched on the subject of my new nephew Kade Edwin Olson who arrived on March 22nd. I am so happy and excited for Amie and James in their new addition. I am also a little sad that I am missing such a huge family event. I can only imagine the look on Collin's face when witnessing all of the first times. I am very appreciative of Amie. She is now the proud parent of two boys, just had a major sugery, is sleep deprived, and she still takes the time to send me pictures and call me to make me feel as if I am really not missing the introduction to Kade. The top picture is Collin being happily awaken by his new little brother who in the words of the happy three year old, "Kade eats boobs". The bottom picture is Kade. I am told that Kade is a easy baby, and Collin is a great helper. Congratulations Amie, James and Collin, Kade turned out great.
That is all from the wonderful world of Hungary.