Friday, February 23, 2007


For the last three or four months, I have been wanting to buy a digital camera. I like my old camera, but I do not want to take the time to go into a shop and get my photos developed. It is a whole new mess of words I have to learn, and I would have to travel to the city to do this. I do not have such luxuries here in my village.
Friday two wonderful people, Aniko and Janos (my contact teacher and her husband) took me to the grand city of Miskolc to buy my camera. Although I have lived here for over a year I was going to make a tourists mistake, and go to MediaMart where I would have got a crappy camera for lots of money. Instead they took me to a store where Janos gets a discount, because he is a business man owning a Pizzeria, and where currently there were sales going on.

For lack of anything better to try my camera out on, I took pictures of my pictures. I spend quite a lot of time working on these since I now have no TV channels, and sometimes get sick of reading.

This is a picture of Collin's hands when we took a trip to Maine. He was trying to put rocks into a hole when we stopped for lunch at a lobster stand, where I who hates lobster had red hot dogs.
DRINKING: This is a person I went through training with when working for Eckerd Youth Alternatives. We only got 2 days off the whole month we were there and we enjoyed the time, relaxing and having a few beers.
ENCOURAGEMENT: A boy and his father's hand on is head following a football match.

FREEDOM: Enjoying the wind in her hair in a red convertible.

RELIANT: A child reliant on his mother's help in buttoning his jacket.

SLEEPING: Collin, Amie and I traveled to Florida to meet my mom and dad for a little Disney Vacation. Collin had such a good time he fell asleep during the Lion King Show, and we captured it.

THOUGHT OF DEFIANCE: This is a picture of a man. I happened to be reading a book where a boy had to stand and watch as his father was beat in a concentration camp and it described the inner conflict the teenager was having. That emotion came out in this painting.

WOMAN: I drew this one day while waiting for some friends to come, it was just a fun little drawing with some sharpies.

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