Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day One of the Weekend in Hernadnemeti

This weekend I decided to not drink one drop of alcohol and to do something wonderful like hiking. I had a pretty successful weekend except this morning while playing with music on the computer, I picked up the glass next to me and not thinking put it to my lips and took a swig. To my surprise it was not water, but Emily's left over white wine from last night. I was a little grossed out, and messed with my perfect record of no liquor.

This is my new friend Eve. She has been in Hungary for a semester and she made the trip to Hernadnemeti two weekends in a row, a true Wood Sprite thing to do.

This is my old friend Emily (Poor Girl Vacation Friend). She is sitting in my flat with warm tea, and staying warm while I am out at the train station trying to find the others. It is not all her fault, she was posted at the bus stop but no one showed up and she went back to my flat.

This is Arlo, one of the newest friends here in Hungary. At my flat on Sunday we celebrated his One Month mark. He did a wonderful dance. Despite having a cold, he made the trip from down in southern Hungary successfully to my door. There was a small mishap, but I found him and he is safe. It's cool!

This was Friday Night's crew. We gathered, we ate, and we played games. It was wonderful. Here is our night in picture form, since I have a new camera I will be doing this a lot, so sorry, get used to it.

Emily meditating to the warm goddess to come down and warm her. I have a problem with the heat staying on in my flat. I don't mind, but she was freezing. OOOMMM OOOMMM.

Eve bought a guitar and is teaching herself how to play. Arlo wants a guitar, and knows how to play. He is teaching her a song, it was fun to listen to them, and to do interpretive dance to.

With all the traveling Arlo was hungry.

We made some Hungarian sausages with bread. It was tasty.
This is Eve laughing at Arlo fixing his huge, wonderful sandwich!!!


Friday, February 23, 2007


For the last three or four months, I have been wanting to buy a digital camera. I like my old camera, but I do not want to take the time to go into a shop and get my photos developed. It is a whole new mess of words I have to learn, and I would have to travel to the city to do this. I do not have such luxuries here in my village.
Friday two wonderful people, Aniko and Janos (my contact teacher and her husband) took me to the grand city of Miskolc to buy my camera. Although I have lived here for over a year I was going to make a tourists mistake, and go to MediaMart where I would have got a crappy camera for lots of money. Instead they took me to a store where Janos gets a discount, because he is a business man owning a Pizzeria, and where currently there were sales going on.

For lack of anything better to try my camera out on, I took pictures of my pictures. I spend quite a lot of time working on these since I now have no TV channels, and sometimes get sick of reading.

This is a picture of Collin's hands when we took a trip to Maine. He was trying to put rocks into a hole when we stopped for lunch at a lobster stand, where I who hates lobster had red hot dogs.
DRINKING: This is a person I went through training with when working for Eckerd Youth Alternatives. We only got 2 days off the whole month we were there and we enjoyed the time, relaxing and having a few beers.
ENCOURAGEMENT: A boy and his father's hand on is head following a football match.

FREEDOM: Enjoying the wind in her hair in a red convertible.

RELIANT: A child reliant on his mother's help in buttoning his jacket.

SLEEPING: Collin, Amie and I traveled to Florida to meet my mom and dad for a little Disney Vacation. Collin had such a good time he fell asleep during the Lion King Show, and we captured it.

THOUGHT OF DEFIANCE: This is a picture of a man. I happened to be reading a book where a boy had to stand and watch as his father was beat in a concentration camp and it described the inner conflict the teenager was having. That emotion came out in this painting.

WOMAN: I drew this one day while waiting for some friends to come, it was just a fun little drawing with some sharpies.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Meaningless Journy/Cerimonial Swording

Piroska, Csongor, The Boy, and the Dwarf all took the portal leading to the world against the kings. They were all alone in a desolate land on a singular road. Within a few steps they found a chest. Csongor used his mighty strength to open this chest. To their surprise they found two things inside. A map and a peculiar honing device. They knew what to do with one, but the other was another mystery. With determination they set off.

All thought they were reading the map correctly. And in the world which they were most familiar, they were. But, this was the Land Against the Kings. The four did not know it, but things here were backwards from that of the Land of Kings. That is the reason for the centuries of feuds. So when they thought they were heading East to Great Lands, they were in fact heading North towards the mountains. They traveled for many kilometers not knowing that the map had deceived them.

Several steps later they still had not reached any destination. Piroska, whose name shouts of red, and the Dwarf who carries the color upon her head had an urge come over them. They had spent many hours in the pleasures of the tents, and now unfortunately nature called them. The Boy and Csongor hesitated to allow the two to venture off the path into the fields to terminate this feeling. But being strong willed women, and the urge even stronger, the two in fact headed for the fields.

Csongor and The Boy went to keep guard while the two women did their duty. The men hid behind a bush to keep out of site, but well in the site of the women. While the two women were squatting in the field they felt a pounding in the earth. Before they knew it the Wicked Yeti ambled pass without noticing the four. The Boy could feel Csongor shake with fear at the site of this wicked beast and could only wonder what had happened in their last encounter. All was a mystery.

Meanwhile as the four others ventured in another world, Laurnia, Bene, Wood Sprite, and the Unwedded Bride all found themselves in another part of the World of Kings. After lying low for a minute and feeling confident that the Black Thorned Rose had disappeared they risked what could have been their lives to head back into the tent of trickling liquid of life. While quenching their thirst Wood Sprite’s eyes catch a man and his hookah. She being of the trees, and he appearing to be friends with tree dwellers she boldly went to make herself known.

This was a brave and wonderful thing for her to do, because the man was in fact Prince Rezso, son of King Király, leader of the World of Kings. The Prince had his eye on the beautiful Wood Sprite and bade us to join him in a ceremonial smoking of the hookah. With little hesitation they all joined in. While partaking in this ceremonial passing of the pipe, the four travelers told the Prince and his merry men what they had encountered through out their journeys. The Prince seemed to think that was a great defeat and tactic, using the power of the portals. He decided to crown us honorary soldiers and teach us the great art of sword fighting. They agreed, but first they would wait for out comrades and until then they drank, ate, and were merry.

Upon the return of the peeing posy, they took the Prince’s offer to learn the art of the swords. He clothed them all in proper soldier’s gear, and placed swords in their hands. Piroska did not need the lesson being a master sword’s woman herself, so she aided in teaching the others how to handle such a weapon. Once again Laurnia could not master the art of this weapon. When it came to swords, she had very little practice and the idea really did not interest her in the least. She was fonder of the art of summoning beasts and having her hand in boxes of magic. The others were masterful in this great art. Each mastered a certain type of sword.

Piroska and Csongor masters of the sword already were awarded different means of battle. Piroska was given more potion pills to use at her will, and Csongor was given The Apple of Elation to go with his Ritter Steel War Sword already in hand. The Boy for his dexterity with the sword received the Valiant Armory Bastard Sword. The Prince, holding onto his Black Prince Sword, wanted to give Wood Sprite a giant sword, but she having already accepted the Official Korbács would only take his Falkata Sword with a brass handle. Bene earned a Late Roman Dagger to aid him in battles. The Dwarf and Unwedded Bride also proved to be experts of the sword. The Dwarf also earned a Falkata while the Unwedded Bride proving very skillful received the Sword of Crusades. Last but not least was Laurnia, who proved unworthy of a sword. Instead she was given a Scepter of Fire. The Cepters at this decided to leave the Land of Kings and venture into the many worlds to find what is lost.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Trenches of Terror

After little sleep the newly assembled group summoned their great metal transportation and traveled to a world of castles, swords, and whips. It was a long journey but soon they arrived to what appeared to be a festival. They stumbled onto the grounds of the festival in awe of all that surrounded them. It was not long after that they bumped into a young woman who appeared frantic and anxious with her surroundings.

Apparently this was a young bride to be, who was having second thoughts and was hiding from her soon to be husband. We were told of what would become of her if she were to marry this suitor, so we decided to take her in as our guide in this land of Kings. The Unwedded Bride takes us through the festivities leading us to a great decorated tent where fluids ran like waterfalls generously into our bellies, and all was well.

When we grew restless of these activities the Unwedded Bride led us to a great castle, Castle Gyula, to learn the great art of the whips. Which was sure to become a usable skill in the future? The Cepters discussed the importance of gaining such a skill, yet time was of the essence. They needed to learn all they could in very little time. There were two who were elected to have their hand at this masterful skill.

Laurnia with the element of fire was unable to master this great art, after many attempts, she left with only bruises, and finally accepted defeat. But, the Wood Sprite with hair of fire did in fact conquer this useful fighting technique and was granted the Official Korbács. Laurnia and Piroska went to communicate to the whole group what accomplishments they had made and how Wood Sprite was an asset to the guild. The guild of Cepters took great honor in inducting Wood Sprite into the group. As this was a positive and final decision, the newly assembled group explored Castle Gyula and its surroundings for more information on what was lost.

The great Castle Gyula stood on the boarder of this world and the next. It was an important fortified area protecting the inhabitants of the world of kings from that of their arrival world. Surrounding this impressive structure was a profound moat. The only areas that were free from this revolting moat four watchmen decks placed at each of the corners. The raised area of each deck overlooked a dreadfully, unfathomable hollow known through out the land as the pits of despair. In these trenches of torment, many unlucky mortals and immortals met an early, persecuting fate. The association of Cepters were very careful to keep a safe distance from these horrendous holes. As they rounded the last corner, they saw her, the Black Thorned Rose with a raven perched on her left shoulder.

She stretched out her withered hand and wrapped her long, black thorn like nails around Csongor’s esophagus. With one swift move, she cast him into the pit of despair. Laurnia quickly evoked the element of fire to throw a fire ring of protection as Wood Sprite used her whop to fen off the flock of ravens that appeared over head. They were circling around overhead and plunging toward the group despite Wood Sprite’s efforts. Piroska, for the love, and The Boy, for the honor hurled themselves into the hole to help Csongor.

Wood Sprite defeated the four and twenty black birds with the power of her new found ability. With that Laurnia let down her ring of flames and they planned and assault to free their three friends. The best way to do this was to create a diversion and then aid them in pulling themselves free. The Dwarf used her sarcasm and whit combined with the glow of her fiery hair to get the attention of the Black Thorned Rose. Bene the elf also aided the Dwarf in his ability to get one off their guard with his delivery of his words. As this was going on the others went to the hole. Csongor pulled himself free before the other two, when an eight legged beast three millimeters in size moved towards him, he could not stand such torture. Piroska, using her cunning built a ladder with the remains of all those who fell before her and attempted to crawl out. Csongor being a might warrior tried to give support to Piroska when he was struck by a blast sent from the Black Thorned Rose. The diversion had ceased to work, and Piroska was sent back into the depths of the pit. With another attempt and without any aid she emerged to freedom. The Black Thorned Rose inched her way towards the group, she persisted against the defense the others held. They were running out of time The Boy was still at down and the bottom of the hole. The Dwarf laughed at her entertainment and rejoiced in her decision to join this crew of misfits.

When the Rose was within inches from the group, Piroska pulled out a small leather box. She opened it and inside were many pill shaped objects. She cast two to the ground and there appeared two magical portals. They did not know where they lead, but they needed to escape the evils of the Rose. The Boy still in the hole did not want to be left behind. He mustered up the strength using will and might and leaped up just high enough to grab the edge of the hole. With no time to loose, he pulled himself up and they all hurdled themselves away. The two portals disappeared into the air leaving the Black Thorned Rose all alone with a flock of dead birds.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Land of Deer

With his departure Laurnia was left on the bank of the River Hernad wondering what she was to do next. She had an overwhelming emptiness within her and felt her time in this world could not yet be up. She had not found out much information. All she had was an inkling of a strange woman and a black bird. She sat down for a moment and just thought. She had nothing else to do but this. This is proof of loneliness for most, the opportunity to just think for long periods of time. The solo mission to find what was lost. The toil of each day lingering while one searches for answers in solitude. Hours passed along. Laurnia decided the time had come to leave this world of solitude for the time being and return when she knew more. She decided to go to Piroska and the rest of the guild to share her small bit of information.

The Philosophical Sheep left Laurnia the power to summon the great metal Cyclops. With it she tunneled through her world with the information left with her regarding that of the dangers of the Woman they encountered along the river. Who was she? Why was she trying to poison them?

She met first with her fair maiden companion, Piroska, and from there they traveled and gathered Bene the elf. They found themselves in the Land of Deer. It was a small and interesting world where they found Csongor the Warrior well established and by his side The Boy. This is where they met the wood sprite and a small dwarf; both with fiery red hair on top their heads, and both willing to give aid in the guilds quest to find the answer to the question they did not exactly know.

The wood sprite with her calm and peaceful demeanor was willing to offer information regarding Laurnia’s encounter with the strange women along the river, and that of the equally strange appearance and flight of the black raven. A wood sprite spends her time in the comforts of the woods and its creatures. The trees, flowers, grass, and all in between talk and offer wood sprites with information on the subject of the happenings of her surroundings.

The woman was no other than the Black Thorned Rose, an evil sorcerer that had learned the spells of witches and wizards alike. The Great Witch Hajnalka gives the power of magic to the chosen ones at birth, but some can also learn the art of magic and sorcery. In most cases these educated few are using their powers for the benefit of the worlds they adhere to. Some sorcerers go bad however, and use their found dark arts for evil. It is known throughout the woods of Gyor, that no sorcerer alone can bring ruin upon us, but with the aid of a mysterious element, they can cause immense turmoil. The Black Thorned Rose has learned the spheres of magic, and with that magic, she has taken control of the minds of a race of black beasts, the raven. The ravens act as her minions, whatever they see, she too can see, and they fly back to her hidden lair and show her the images it captures while spying on the woods.

At the end of Wood sprite’s tale, the dwarf laughed out loud, causing the Land of Deer to shake. She did not believe this story; it was one her elders would tell at bed time to get the little dwarfs to venture off into dreamland. She could not understand why it was that this so-called guild was believing this small wood sprite in her flowing skirts. What does this little bug know of the world outside of the woods? She mocked the guild and their journey, but had nothing else to do so decided to travel along with them because it might prove them wrong, and that is always entertainment. So with that the Cepters, Wood sprite, and Doubting Dwarf, decided to spend the night with the deer.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The First Encounter With The Blacked Thorned Rose

The big horned sheep looked steadily into Laurnia’s eyes. He stepped toward her, wobbling as an old man does, and gave her a silly little smirk. He had a long goatee to make him appear wise and an inquisitive look in his eye as if always asking questions of the worlds around him. His horns curled over his ears ending at his chin. He also had some tuffs of hair around his horns, but he did have a few areas that shone free from the troubles of hair.

Laurnia and the old sheep made each other’s acquaintance and began to talk of the wonders of this and the next world. She asked for his name. His response,
what is in a name that is so important? Does if make one important or just let one identify another? I am sorry, I am chattering again. I chatter because I must have nothing what so ever to do with my time or maybe it is that I chatter because I do nothing what so ever with my time. They traveled down to the river and discussed what was happening with the Tragic Trifecta. They were walking and reminiscing the days of peace and the idea that with great effort it could come to the universe again.

And so passed the days, and while sitting by the fire of night, Laurnia and the Philosophizing Sheep ate and were very merry. Soon an old woman walked into their territory claimed by the river for the time they were there and asked if she could join them. She seemed to talk about nothing but good even though one could see she had in fact witnessed a large amount of evil in her many days wandering the land. Laurnia felt a certain distrust for her, but was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt thinking that this might be a cooping mechanism to hide all the hurt that she had been put through. It was after they feasted that this women took leave of the two others leaving only behind a small basket.

One might think that this basket held a small thank you like bread and cheese, or fruit to help Laurnia and the Philosophizing Sheep, who appeared to be travelers. The Sheep pointed out that that was not all she left behind. A raven perched high in the branches above keeps guard. He looks as if with one false move he will attack, or fly off as if to warn someone of the happenings in this world and the next. The Sheep braved the notions in their heads of the evil that may lie in the basket as well as in tree tops above and opened the basket to examine its contents. He saw an apple. It seemed normal, and he motioned for Laurnia to grab it. She hesitated but pulled out the solitary apple. As soon as this was done a purple smoke seeped out from a worm’s opening in the apple. Soon a purple haze came over the two of them. Before the poisonous smoke could do its worth, the Sheep pounded his cane to the ground causing a glowing cyclone to hoist up the apple and cast it into the River Hernad. With this a banshee with translucent features quickly ascended into the heavens and the raven flew off in haste. With that too, Laurnia and the Philosophical Sheep decided to take leave of each others company. The Sheep summoned the Metal Cyclops and the two departed.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Metallic Beast

What was lost? What will come again? Bene was uncertain what his dream meant. He was given the power of seeing Hajnalka, but of understanding he was on the same plane. He had only the choice of describing this dream to the others.

The guild decided to separate upon hearing the monologue given by Hajnalka to Bene at the break of dawn. Each of the members of the Cepters were cased into different worlds using portals. They went to many different lands to confront what comes before them in search of the answer.

Laurnia looked about her after her comrades had disappeared through their chosen portals. Her eyes searched the land around her when abruptly her eye caught on a fiery glow. She stepped closer. It was a mysterious gateway to an unknown land. She hesitated, but being a being a believer of symbols given by the earth and having the command of the element fire, she was determined to use this entrance and courageously undertake what may be.

Laurnia stepped off the fiery orange platform and found herself transmitted to a quiet and peaceful land. She breathed in the air and rejoiced in its silence. After the latest events this was a comforting feeling she felt content to be with herself and herself alone. All around her was flat lands, and quiet. She listened to the nothingness as she gazed at the lands before her. She sat pondering what may come on this peaceful ground when she all of a sudden felt a trembling in the ground and heard a rumbling noise in her ears.

She looked across the vast level domain and saw in the distance the ground was moving. She watched with anticipation plotting her next move when she realized it was not the ground that was moving, but what lies beneath the ground that was making a commotion. Her heart pounded under her breast, but her curiosity kept her rooted to her mark and all she could do was watch and wait.

The clamor grew louder the thing closer, when it stared to rear its ugly head. A drill bit pushed from under the soil and one eye stared into Laurnia’s face. The eye was blinding and she could see nothing of this creature’s body. If she had she would have seen a metal frame covered in bronze and steel similar to that of a snake. The beast had no legs and moved quickly through the earth. She heard it say,
do not be afraid, I bring news of another world.

Laurnia stood motionless when an old big horned sheep appeared from around the metallic body. He was hunched over and covered with a matted jacket of wool, his horns curled around his ears which brought an observers eye to his long goatee. His voice shivered with age as he moved closer to Laurnia. He lifted his free hoof, for the other was steady on his wooden cane, which sent the metal beast burrowing out of sight.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Dream of Dawn

After the defeat of the Wicked Yeti peace was restored to the Hills of Gellert. The Cepters trekked back to the base of the hill to seek guidance from the great and powerful Hajnalka. Hajnalka was an illustrious, magnificent witch who held powers from all of the universes throughout the heavens.

When Eru Ilúvator awakened the Elder Kinder before man, he gave these Quendi the ability to speak. In some the ability to dream reality before the actual events takes place. This is how the Great Hajnalka summoned the Cepters. She was seen by Bene when he lay half awake in the dawn of day telling him to seek her out for great things are about to happen in the earth and heavens.

The journey to the base brought many surprises. The heat of the hill disappeared with the departure of the Wicked Yeti. They had expected the heat of hell on the way down but all that met them was a severe cold across their faces. But alas, they reached their destination and found themselves greeted by a huge swamp animal named Bonifacz guarding the entrance of a deep, dark cave.

The Cepters did not find the Great Hajnalka for it was late into the evening when they reached the guarded cave. Launia cast a fire ring to keep the guild warm throughout the night and they enjoyed a well deserved rest. Once again, Hajnalka visited Bene at the break of dawn.

You have never looked at the heavens, everything is in the heavens it is here making all things move as the heavens move. Suns, moons, stars, go out into the many worlds and separate yourselves from what you know to find what you need to know. You will be faced with many perils, but keep your wits and trust in the heavens

A thousand years ago there was peace in the heavens, I was there. Now there is trouble. Three stars representing the green of the land that was tragically lost, the red of the blood that has been spilled, and the white hope for the future. The three stars formed a triangular form in the heavens called the Tragic Trifecta. It was then that it was lost. All was lost. But it will come again and must be found.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lady Liberty

The group of misfits had had their share of the magnificent fluid and consumed until their stomachs and bodies could take not another drip of this liquid wonder. They decided to leave the cave when they ran into a wise old woman who had the craftiness of a witch to tame two ferocious lions. The woman was called Jeandra. Together these three circled the group of misfits now known as Cepters. The Cepters stood in horror while the male lion, Casponious slowly crept towards the boy. The boy showed no fear although in his mind he was quickly trying to think of plausible escape routes. He found none. It was then when Bailara joined in the movement. All were shaking when the old women spoke with such softness.

You are the band of Cepters and I have come to tell you of a quest you will undertake to defeat evil on the hill. Prophecy tells of an evil woman standing high on the hill of Gellert. She is positioned high on the hill, this imposing woman towers over all man. It was designed by the great Hungarian sculptor Zsigmond Kisfaludi Stróbl and is a sign of liberation, but the evil ones have taken power of the statue and it must be freed. It was intended to honor the memory of István, son of the Hungarian Regent Miklós Horthy, who disappeared into the eastern front. The central figure is the Lady of Liberation and she is holding the powerful and mighty palm leaf. Her body has been taken over by the Wicked Yeti who has complete power over her magical skills. Standing on its pedestal, she reaches great heights and has a great thirst for male blood, so to you fair maidens use your powers wisely for the men folk will be weak. Be careful, at the base of this evil mastermind are two allegorical compositions that look to be harmless. I warn you those are her minions and they do her biddings. They are the representations of progress and the battle with good for they are evil. With this the old women took command of her lions and bid us farewell with a pound on the ground with her giant snow boot.

The band of trekkers decide that from this point on it is best to split up, each group taking one powerful women with them. The boy takes our elfin friend as well as Laurnia the dark haired beauty. The mighty Csongor takes with him the beautiful light haired Piroska. They hurry to the top of the mountain to see what awaits them in the three statues.

The boy and his crew take the short and steep route luckily they find a valley set in a gorge in the Earth’s crust. It is walled on each side by rocky cliffs left by some monstrous natural disaster leaving behind only this dale as well as the magnificent, beautiful stream of the Old World- the Duna. The sight was amazing; when the three reached their destination they almost forgot the reason behind this traitorous hike, the statures. Their gaze was fixed on the flowing Duna below.

The other two took the path leading to the top. It was them who awakened the Boy, the Elf, and the Fair Maiden from their trance. Together they explored the outer perimeters of the Statue’s base. It was not long after as they were discussing the great history that surrounds them that the heard a deafening noise, the sound of urgency came piercing to their ears. The glowing red of the stature’s eyes alarmed all the Cepters, only the Boy remained composed.

They heard her cries and soon the two statues to the sides of the great woman were slinking towards the Cepters. Csongor grabbed Piroska and bound across the platform which they stood in hopes to surround the minions who were moving in close. Laurnia thought quick and with her powers created a fire circle around herself, Bene, and the Boy. She looked to the heavens and secreted a liquid all around them causing flames to ignite and protect them from the allegorical beasts. They were foolish and stepped right into her trap and with one touch of the mystical flame and they disappeared to unknown lands. Now it was up to Csongor and Piroska the stop the Wicked Yeti.

Lady Liberty took her palm branch and with one swift swing she knocked Csongor to the ground. Piroska looked and could see he was not moving. It was up to her. She grabbed Csongor’s might Excalibur and leaped into the air, landing upon the Yeti’s broad shoulders. She knew the Yeti was after this sword for it held a powerful, magical potion that some could not resist. Piroska knew this was a risky move but she was quick and sly. She bound to the left and with a swing of the sword struck the Yeti’s nose. It did not do her any harm, so Piroska decided to protect Csongor’s mighty Excalibur and jumped back to the ground.

The others could not see what was happening, they could only barely make out the moans and groans from behind the ring of fire. They struggled to listen but it was hard to distinguish what was happening from inside the fire walls safety. A shriek was heard over head. Just when Piroska was about to make yet another attempt on the Yeti’s life, she was suddenly swept up by a giant metal bird. The bird came down and grabbed the Yeti in its bronze talons and took the Yeti away.