Sunday, July 29, 2007


Look at this beautiful Monarch Butterfly. Collin and I went on a bug hunt looking for the perfect Monarch Caterpillar to watch it mold into a butterfly. Unfortunately, they are doing construction around his house so we did not find one. One of my students found one in out school yard so, having already watched the process with our students a few times this summer, I took this guy home to Collin.
It was fun to watch and discuss along the way. Collin is full of questions. Why does he eat milk weed? Why is he climbing to the top? Why does he look like the letter J? What is he doing now?
After a night with friends, I am ever so happy when Collin jumps on me EARLY in the morning to say 'Come up stairs Fatty (our clever name for the caterpillar)turned into a butterfly'!!
"I am so excited! I waited 2 weeks for this".
"Yes I am the proud owner of this beautiful caterpillar, oh I mean butterfly".
"I will be very careful to let him go so he can fly free in my backyard".
We spent many minutes watching the butterfly become accustomed to the world around him. Collin fought every urge he had to touch the colorful wings. We were a little worried for our little friend especially when daddy mowed the lawn, but it was a fun adventure to hatch a butterfly!