Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Metallic Beast

What was lost? What will come again? Bene was uncertain what his dream meant. He was given the power of seeing Hajnalka, but of understanding he was on the same plane. He had only the choice of describing this dream to the others.

The guild decided to separate upon hearing the monologue given by Hajnalka to Bene at the break of dawn. Each of the members of the Cepters were cased into different worlds using portals. They went to many different lands to confront what comes before them in search of the answer.

Laurnia looked about her after her comrades had disappeared through their chosen portals. Her eyes searched the land around her when abruptly her eye caught on a fiery glow. She stepped closer. It was a mysterious gateway to an unknown land. She hesitated, but being a being a believer of symbols given by the earth and having the command of the element fire, she was determined to use this entrance and courageously undertake what may be.

Laurnia stepped off the fiery orange platform and found herself transmitted to a quiet and peaceful land. She breathed in the air and rejoiced in its silence. After the latest events this was a comforting feeling she felt content to be with herself and herself alone. All around her was flat lands, and quiet. She listened to the nothingness as she gazed at the lands before her. She sat pondering what may come on this peaceful ground when she all of a sudden felt a trembling in the ground and heard a rumbling noise in her ears.

She looked across the vast level domain and saw in the distance the ground was moving. She watched with anticipation plotting her next move when she realized it was not the ground that was moving, but what lies beneath the ground that was making a commotion. Her heart pounded under her breast, but her curiosity kept her rooted to her mark and all she could do was watch and wait.

The clamor grew louder the thing closer, when it stared to rear its ugly head. A drill bit pushed from under the soil and one eye stared into Laurnia’s face. The eye was blinding and she could see nothing of this creature’s body. If she had she would have seen a metal frame covered in bronze and steel similar to that of a snake. The beast had no legs and moved quickly through the earth. She heard it say,
do not be afraid, I bring news of another world.

Laurnia stood motionless when an old big horned sheep appeared from around the metallic body. He was hunched over and covered with a matted jacket of wool, his horns curled around his ears which brought an observers eye to his long goatee. His voice shivered with age as he moved closer to Laurnia. He lifted his free hoof, for the other was steady on his wooden cane, which sent the metal beast burrowing out of sight.

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Arlord said...

laura its lovely. i love ben's wet dreams. how can we be friends so i can link to your blog and your epic saga of woe?