Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Boy, A Beer, A Bird

It was a cold and windy night. A brave young boy found in him a deep thirst for something and ventured alone out into the cold of winter. He braved the elements with nothing but his thoughts and his whit. He searched high and low to find a full filling beverage. He traveled for days when he stumbles across something in the snow. It was a long journey where he defeted a bridge (named after him) and took the time to start a new city (also named after him).

Laying under nothing but a newspaper and making such a noise was an elf. He rose slowly said something that was incoherent that they boy thought maybe he is speaking elfin. The boy being a smart one decided that this elf might be of some benefit to him. With his elfin magic and skills he may be able to fight against the might powers of the dragons that protect the beer. His name was Beni

They traveled down the steep hills of Buda when they had to battle the Gyros dragon. The elf proved useful. Joining the battle was a huge warrior. With his help the Gyros would hurt no more, Csongor the warrior drove a metal spike into him and he stayed burning in the flames of Moricz Zsigmond. The two convinced Csongor to join the quest. He agreed, fighting the dragon did leave in him and incredible thirst.

In those days the streets of Budapest were pitch dark at night; one lamp at Gellert Hegy, one at Man lady liberty, and one on freedom bridge to give the last light to those who need it. No others anywhere. The boy took the road with his followers known as "the genius carrot" once translated from its ancient language. It was a district of ill repute, a dark lane between the town and the cave of beer, in which at night fallen women with raddled faces and dishevelled hair loitered, after being driven from their haunts in the massive market place. This is where they ran into two fair maidens who were said to know the ways and mysteries of Beer Cave.

It was not easy to get passed these women, or to convince them why they should join the band of thirsty travelers. First to be confronted was the lady in red known as Piroska. They thought she would be an easy target because of her docile features yet with one swing she knocked them all down, they only convinced her with the promise of the first taste of the might might beer. Next up was the loud and obnoxious dark one. It was decided, a battle of the trees. The boy used his cunning in eliciting the help of wayside trash to defeat this one with a hit to the head with a moldy cardboard box. To say the least she joined in the quest.

They walked for a distance, through a gorge walled on either side by rocky cliffs until they saw a cave. Guarding the cave was a bartender and his giant white cockatoo. The ladies of the night told these misfits that if the bird did not see peace and good in you with his glowing red eyes her would gouge out your heart with his large talons, but if you were in fact true and good he would shout your name through out the Cave of Snooker.

The gang sat at the round table drinking the wonderful beer and rehashing their adventures when a sound was heard throughout the cave ARPAD, ARLO ARLO.


Amie said...

Laura what is this? Did you have a few and decide to write a story or where you bored? Love ya!

Tina K Rogers said...

laura this is Tina from E-tu-Nake.... miss you. email me