Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Land of Deer

With his departure Laurnia was left on the bank of the River Hernad wondering what she was to do next. She had an overwhelming emptiness within her and felt her time in this world could not yet be up. She had not found out much information. All she had was an inkling of a strange woman and a black bird. She sat down for a moment and just thought. She had nothing else to do but this. This is proof of loneliness for most, the opportunity to just think for long periods of time. The solo mission to find what was lost. The toil of each day lingering while one searches for answers in solitude. Hours passed along. Laurnia decided the time had come to leave this world of solitude for the time being and return when she knew more. She decided to go to Piroska and the rest of the guild to share her small bit of information.

The Philosophical Sheep left Laurnia the power to summon the great metal Cyclops. With it she tunneled through her world with the information left with her regarding that of the dangers of the Woman they encountered along the river. Who was she? Why was she trying to poison them?

She met first with her fair maiden companion, Piroska, and from there they traveled and gathered Bene the elf. They found themselves in the Land of Deer. It was a small and interesting world where they found Csongor the Warrior well established and by his side The Boy. This is where they met the wood sprite and a small dwarf; both with fiery red hair on top their heads, and both willing to give aid in the guilds quest to find the answer to the question they did not exactly know.

The wood sprite with her calm and peaceful demeanor was willing to offer information regarding Laurnia’s encounter with the strange women along the river, and that of the equally strange appearance and flight of the black raven. A wood sprite spends her time in the comforts of the woods and its creatures. The trees, flowers, grass, and all in between talk and offer wood sprites with information on the subject of the happenings of her surroundings.

The woman was no other than the Black Thorned Rose, an evil sorcerer that had learned the spells of witches and wizards alike. The Great Witch Hajnalka gives the power of magic to the chosen ones at birth, but some can also learn the art of magic and sorcery. In most cases these educated few are using their powers for the benefit of the worlds they adhere to. Some sorcerers go bad however, and use their found dark arts for evil. It is known throughout the woods of Gyor, that no sorcerer alone can bring ruin upon us, but with the aid of a mysterious element, they can cause immense turmoil. The Black Thorned Rose has learned the spheres of magic, and with that magic, she has taken control of the minds of a race of black beasts, the raven. The ravens act as her minions, whatever they see, she too can see, and they fly back to her hidden lair and show her the images it captures while spying on the woods.

At the end of Wood sprite’s tale, the dwarf laughed out loud, causing the Land of Deer to shake. She did not believe this story; it was one her elders would tell at bed time to get the little dwarfs to venture off into dreamland. She could not understand why it was that this so-called guild was believing this small wood sprite in her flowing skirts. What does this little bug know of the world outside of the woods? She mocked the guild and their journey, but had nothing else to do so decided to travel along with them because it might prove them wrong, and that is always entertainment. So with that the Cepters, Wood sprite, and Doubting Dwarf, decided to spend the night with the deer.

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