Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day One of the Weekend in Hernadnemeti

This weekend I decided to not drink one drop of alcohol and to do something wonderful like hiking. I had a pretty successful weekend except this morning while playing with music on the computer, I picked up the glass next to me and not thinking put it to my lips and took a swig. To my surprise it was not water, but Emily's left over white wine from last night. I was a little grossed out, and messed with my perfect record of no liquor.

This is my new friend Eve. She has been in Hungary for a semester and she made the trip to Hernadnemeti two weekends in a row, a true Wood Sprite thing to do.

This is my old friend Emily (Poor Girl Vacation Friend). She is sitting in my flat with warm tea, and staying warm while I am out at the train station trying to find the others. It is not all her fault, she was posted at the bus stop but no one showed up and she went back to my flat.

This is Arlo, one of the newest friends here in Hungary. At my flat on Sunday we celebrated his One Month mark. He did a wonderful dance. Despite having a cold, he made the trip from down in southern Hungary successfully to my door. There was a small mishap, but I found him and he is safe. It's cool!

This was Friday Night's crew. We gathered, we ate, and we played games. It was wonderful. Here is our night in picture form, since I have a new camera I will be doing this a lot, so sorry, get used to it.

Emily meditating to the warm goddess to come down and warm her. I have a problem with the heat staying on in my flat. I don't mind, but she was freezing. OOOMMM OOOMMM.

Eve bought a guitar and is teaching herself how to play. Arlo wants a guitar, and knows how to play. He is teaching her a song, it was fun to listen to them, and to do interpretive dance to.

With all the traveling Arlo was hungry.

We made some Hungarian sausages with bread. It was tasty.
This is Eve laughing at Arlo fixing his huge, wonderful sandwich!!!


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