Friday, February 16, 2007

Trenches of Terror

After little sleep the newly assembled group summoned their great metal transportation and traveled to a world of castles, swords, and whips. It was a long journey but soon they arrived to what appeared to be a festival. They stumbled onto the grounds of the festival in awe of all that surrounded them. It was not long after that they bumped into a young woman who appeared frantic and anxious with her surroundings.

Apparently this was a young bride to be, who was having second thoughts and was hiding from her soon to be husband. We were told of what would become of her if she were to marry this suitor, so we decided to take her in as our guide in this land of Kings. The Unwedded Bride takes us through the festivities leading us to a great decorated tent where fluids ran like waterfalls generously into our bellies, and all was well.

When we grew restless of these activities the Unwedded Bride led us to a great castle, Castle Gyula, to learn the great art of the whips. Which was sure to become a usable skill in the future? The Cepters discussed the importance of gaining such a skill, yet time was of the essence. They needed to learn all they could in very little time. There were two who were elected to have their hand at this masterful skill.

Laurnia with the element of fire was unable to master this great art, after many attempts, she left with only bruises, and finally accepted defeat. But, the Wood Sprite with hair of fire did in fact conquer this useful fighting technique and was granted the Official Korbács. Laurnia and Piroska went to communicate to the whole group what accomplishments they had made and how Wood Sprite was an asset to the guild. The guild of Cepters took great honor in inducting Wood Sprite into the group. As this was a positive and final decision, the newly assembled group explored Castle Gyula and its surroundings for more information on what was lost.

The great Castle Gyula stood on the boarder of this world and the next. It was an important fortified area protecting the inhabitants of the world of kings from that of their arrival world. Surrounding this impressive structure was a profound moat. The only areas that were free from this revolting moat four watchmen decks placed at each of the corners. The raised area of each deck overlooked a dreadfully, unfathomable hollow known through out the land as the pits of despair. In these trenches of torment, many unlucky mortals and immortals met an early, persecuting fate. The association of Cepters were very careful to keep a safe distance from these horrendous holes. As they rounded the last corner, they saw her, the Black Thorned Rose with a raven perched on her left shoulder.

She stretched out her withered hand and wrapped her long, black thorn like nails around Csongor’s esophagus. With one swift move, she cast him into the pit of despair. Laurnia quickly evoked the element of fire to throw a fire ring of protection as Wood Sprite used her whop to fen off the flock of ravens that appeared over head. They were circling around overhead and plunging toward the group despite Wood Sprite’s efforts. Piroska, for the love, and The Boy, for the honor hurled themselves into the hole to help Csongor.

Wood Sprite defeated the four and twenty black birds with the power of her new found ability. With that Laurnia let down her ring of flames and they planned and assault to free their three friends. The best way to do this was to create a diversion and then aid them in pulling themselves free. The Dwarf used her sarcasm and whit combined with the glow of her fiery hair to get the attention of the Black Thorned Rose. Bene the elf also aided the Dwarf in his ability to get one off their guard with his delivery of his words. As this was going on the others went to the hole. Csongor pulled himself free before the other two, when an eight legged beast three millimeters in size moved towards him, he could not stand such torture. Piroska, using her cunning built a ladder with the remains of all those who fell before her and attempted to crawl out. Csongor being a might warrior tried to give support to Piroska when he was struck by a blast sent from the Black Thorned Rose. The diversion had ceased to work, and Piroska was sent back into the depths of the pit. With another attempt and without any aid she emerged to freedom. The Black Thorned Rose inched her way towards the group, she persisted against the defense the others held. They were running out of time The Boy was still at down and the bottom of the hole. The Dwarf laughed at her entertainment and rejoiced in her decision to join this crew of misfits.

When the Rose was within inches from the group, Piroska pulled out a small leather box. She opened it and inside were many pill shaped objects. She cast two to the ground and there appeared two magical portals. They did not know where they lead, but they needed to escape the evils of the Rose. The Boy still in the hole did not want to be left behind. He mustered up the strength using will and might and leaped up just high enough to grab the edge of the hole. With no time to loose, he pulled himself up and they all hurdled themselves away. The two portals disappeared into the air leaving the Black Thorned Rose all alone with a flock of dead birds.

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