Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gypsie Treatment!!!

As everyone who lives here knows, as well as the people who have had an opportunity to visit, the treatment of the Gypsie population can sometimes be down right cruel. As I was walking home from school with one of my sixth grade students we happened upon a group of gypsie boys ages 7 to about 11. Boys will be boys, and in their young nature they were singing, playing and being a little rude, but no more rude than any other child their age.
As they were playing on their way home, and not paying attention to the world around them in their own little world of 10 year olds, talking of football, and videogames, two of them bumped into a parked car. At this time the driver was trying to back up out of the store where he was parked. He hollared at the boys, which to me was o.k. because children should realize it is important to watch out for traffic on the street, but let's face it, it is Hernádnémeti and like 2 cars travel on the "busy" street a day. As soon as he is done yelling the oldest of the boys screams something back, probable a cuss word heard somewhere else, but uses it with strength in his voice. The car which is partly backed out onto the street, quickly throws it into drive and trys to hit the youngsters. The children have terror in their eyes and run to find safety. The only way to go is straight because to the left is the road, and to the right are the dogs that are trained to bite and bark at them.
I was uncertain what to do, when a man comes running out of the store yelling at the driver that he is crazy to try to hit small children, and a younger boy runs out crying that his brothers and friends may be injured. I wanted so much to reach out to that little one and comfort him but I thought that I would just make things worse not being able to communicate fully.
The child I was walking with seemed to think the fault all lied with the gypsie boys because they are stupid and well gypsies. That is when I realized that the man shouting on their behalf must have been a gypsie too because who else would stick up for small, helpless children being chased by a run down trabant?

The September Sum up

I started the year off great, and it has passed so quickly. In september I have visited the Aggtelek Caves, and had a wonderful time with both new CETPers as well as a dear old CETPer, Jenna. I have made two trips across the border to Slovakia in order to obtian a Visa, I am now allowed in Hungary!! I went to a wonderful winde festival on accident in Satoraljaújhely with a new CETPer named Erin and learned how to make the best pancakes ever!!! I spent a Saturday on the pitch with my Hungarian women's team, that was fun I made the ref made and my best friend in one small toss of the ball...who knew tessék did not mean toss the soccer ball at me?? And last of not least I spent my last September weekend in Nyrígyhaza with Erin a newly aquainted CETPer and Jenna a dear old friend. September was wonderful.

Things to look forward to in October.
1) Some day I should be getting internet in my flat!!
2) A camping trip with old friends.
3) Rosemary in Budapest
4) Janos and Liz over fall break!!!
5) Dinner with my fourth grader, Bence, and his family.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A few trips across the border.

In lue of needing a new visa in my trusty passport some of us have been making the journey across the Hungarian border to Slovakia. A few women on a journey to gain acceptaince in a world unlike any other, or just get some stupid paper work so we can get paid our peasant salary.
Erin, Harpswell, Jenna and I are driven by our trusty guide, Hajni to the edge of Hungary and with her aid we make it successfully across the border to have her car start smoking in the rear. "Oh my God, everyone out of the car" is heard for miles or should I say kilometers since we are in Hungary. We stand there for some moments while Hajni on all fours inspects the vehicle. She has been known to be a little nervous in certain situations so she calls Erin's personal shoffer to the scene to help us in our mission for Visas.
Three go with the un named man, or maybe it is just I who does not know his name, and I ride with Hajni and explain my life's theory of GOOD THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME and that today I could feel it we were not going to die. She laughed and talked of her amazment in my optimism.
We obtain the Visas, WOO HOO WE CAN GET MONEY!!! and headed back to familiar territory MAGYARORSZAG and live to tell the story.