Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Dream of Dawn

After the defeat of the Wicked Yeti peace was restored to the Hills of Gellert. The Cepters trekked back to the base of the hill to seek guidance from the great and powerful Hajnalka. Hajnalka was an illustrious, magnificent witch who held powers from all of the universes throughout the heavens.

When Eru Il├║vator awakened the Elder Kinder before man, he gave these Quendi the ability to speak. In some the ability to dream reality before the actual events takes place. This is how the Great Hajnalka summoned the Cepters. She was seen by Bene when he lay half awake in the dawn of day telling him to seek her out for great things are about to happen in the earth and heavens.

The journey to the base brought many surprises. The heat of the hill disappeared with the departure of the Wicked Yeti. They had expected the heat of hell on the way down but all that met them was a severe cold across their faces. But alas, they reached their destination and found themselves greeted by a huge swamp animal named Bonifacz guarding the entrance of a deep, dark cave.

The Cepters did not find the Great Hajnalka for it was late into the evening when they reached the guarded cave. Launia cast a fire ring to keep the guild warm throughout the night and they enjoyed a well deserved rest. Once again, Hajnalka visited Bene at the break of dawn.

You have never looked at the heavens, everything is in the heavens it is here making all things move as the heavens move. Suns, moons, stars, go out into the many worlds and separate yourselves from what you know to find what you need to know. You will be faced with many perils, but keep your wits and trust in the heavens

A thousand years ago there was peace in the heavens, I was there. Now there is trouble. Three stars representing the green of the land that was tragically lost, the red of the blood that has been spilled, and the white hope for the future. The three stars formed a triangular form in the heavens called the Tragic Trifecta. It was then that it was lost. All was lost. But it will come again and must be found.

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