Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Even with piss ants I love teaching!!!

After a wonderful weekend in Kisvárda, dancing the night away with friends and jello, I returned back to teaching. By the way I was fired up to have the whole bar know my name after my wonderful dance moves which left me bruised and my glasses broken. I blame my small village and the jello. Had I not eaten the jello I would of still had some sence to slow down, oh lets be honest no I wouldn't we can justblame the small village. I get out and BAM!! I have to party. Anyway teaching this week has been the hardest for me since embarking on this grand adventure. I still love it, but I had a difficult day with guess who my stupid seventh graders. I remember in mist of going to school that there was a reason why I strayed away from middle school education and now it has been confirmed for me, I really can't stand the age when they are not only too cool for school, but also think it is funny to be complete and udder Jack Asses. Looking back on myself at that age, I was just as bad, so maybe it is coming back to me, but I was hoping it I would have to take that crap from my own children rather than somebody elses.

So this seventh grade class has been giving me trouble all year, I have almost accepted it, but when another teacher comes into my classroom to yell at them I not only feel embaraced that I can not control my own students, but I am a little sad to say I also feel a rush of relief. I hope that the verbal bashing from someone in their own language will prevent this from happening again. Little do I know. As soon as this teacher walks out the same thing starts up again and the children laugh at their being yelled at. I would like to think it is because they feel uneasy and have not learned how to respond to different situations and cover up with laughter, but I believe that is wishful thinking.

I go over to the classroom of the teacher who assisted me because she speaks English to thank her for helping. I also wanted to get a feel for what I should do in hat situation, because discipline as a non native speaker is hard. She told me she did not know becasue they act the same in her room too. Basically she told me there is nothing we can do. I go back to thinking and decide I will stay with my Choice Theory and if they choose not to learn it only hurts them. But since I have these students three times a week I might follow the advice of Mariah and start kicking some students out!!! I love teaching!!!!