Thursday, January 18, 2007


The other night, I was sitting in my new flat finishing the last pages of a good book when I was overcome with the feeling of content. It had been awhile. My new flat offers some extra comforts, my book was wonderful, and I was eating jelly beans from my new Super Duper Reindeer Pooper from me recently acquired Christmas package from my wonderful parents. Any of these things could have aroused this sense of content, in any case it got me thinking...

Tuesday I was sitting at my small space in the teacher's room at school. Since I prepare everything at home and we have 15 minutes between classes, I took the time to observe, some say eavesdrop, and reflect. (It is one of my favorite thing to do at school!) Most of the time I am reflecting on what I think I hear from my co-workers, not so in this case. On the foggy, dreary day my reflections focused on life.

This is a hard thing to reflect on on such a depressing day, thankfully we can not predict what life may bring we just have to live and be happy. Many questions come shooting to the surface of my thoughts many I might add without answers.

I was a little shocked at this one thought I had while observing the teachers. This is their life. Sounds ridiculous to have thought such a sentence, of course it is and mine too for the moment, and I know very little about the lives my co-teachers live, I blame the weather like any good Hungarian would. But, I am content with my life and situation knowing that I have only six months left. Mostly, this is because this is the longest I have been anchored somewhere and I am one who enjoys being on the move.

I love my job here, my experiences, and what I have learned, (which is a lot more than I can write), knowing it is going to end. This is just one chapter in my book of life. For others it is the whole book with a few paragraphs her and there to liven it up.

I do not feel bad, nor do I think this is horrible for them. It is a wonderful life, just one that I do not want to have. I am too young to be forever in one place. So at the moment I am having a blast here and enjoying every moment that I have before I have to make the journey home. But, unlike last year I am decided in my plans to go home and stay for a while. I am sure after a year of that I will be ready to move on yet again.

I was once told by a friend, Jenna to be exact, that people are either starters or finishers. I am definitely one who likes to finish only in anticipation of the next big adventure!

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