Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When all else fails, tell a big Hungarian man with friends!!

UPDATE: The phone has been recovered!!!

As I said yesterday, I was outwitted by five ten year old kids. I had to move on with my day however, so as planned I went to my private lesson at 4:00pm. This private lesson happens to be with the husband of my contact teacher. He is a pretty big guy, and I told him what happened (in Hungarian since this was his first lesson). He was not sure if he was understanding me so he called Aniko, my contact teacher, home from where ever she had been. The story was confirmed, I was robbed by some kids.

Before I know it, the whole village is involved. He calls a friend, the police, my headmaster, and the mayor! Luckily for me, the kids were out witted by their mother. She returned the phone to the school where I got it back. Good things always happen to me!!!

It is my understanding that one of these kids was the one who is going to trial for injuring a teacher at my school. Nine years old and already in so much trouble. I am just happy to have my phone back. Although I did feel a little stupid in school when all the kids were like "Hey do you have your phone now?"

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