Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Party for me in Hernadnemeti


What is the occasion one might ask in a situation like this? One, its spring, the sun will be out, the birds will be puddling cheerfully, and love will be in the air.

Who is invited???

The guest list is rather small, but very significant.

One: Cathy Jo Stigen

This beautiful women holding the adorable babe, is my wonderful mother. She is the experienced one leading her offspring to join the one who flew furthest away.

Two: Amie Louise (Stigen) Olson

This gorgeous mother of two will be adventurous and leave her children at home and join me in Hungary. She is a little apprehensive of this undertaking, but I know that she will succeed and it will be well worth it. Collin asked if he could come too, but we told him that if he came how were we suppose to bring him so gifts. He is a smart 4 year old, and opted for the gifts.

Three: Eric Roger (Lewis) Stigen

This handsome devil, not the one holding the baby, not the baby, not the women in purple, but the striking young man in the maroon polo!! That is my brother Eric. He too will hang up his working hat, strap on some boots and journey to join in the festivities!!!

As you can see I am a little excited that my family is coming in March. I will probably mention it about 8,234,875,903,746 more times before they get here. So deal with it. I appreciate them so much for digging into their busy schedules as well as their wallets to come to see me! Thanks guys, I love you!!!

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