Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Good News From the Homefront!!

I was very excited to hear from my family this week. I am always happy to hear from them, but this week it was better then usual. My mother and my older sister have decided to make the trip to come and see me in Hernadnemeti. This happiness will be doubled if Eric, my brother, can also get some time off and join us in our adventures.

Amie will be embarking an many firsts...this is her first journey to Europe, her first time flying over the whole ocean, and the first time she will be leaving her two boys home for this period of time. I am so happy she has decided to do this, though I wish James, Collin, and Kade could also come. My head is whirling with all the things we can do together.

My mom, however, is an old pro at this traveling business. She will be the captain in their journey and guide them safely to Budapest where I will grab the reins. They will also act as my carriers on their way home. I will be filling their suitcases with my things to make the move in June go smooth. I love my family for doing this for me.

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