Tuesday, January 16, 2007

E.T no Phone Home

Eternally. Thoughtless. and now I can not phone home!

So today I was walking home from school and happened across some of the village's children. They are not in my class, but I often see them and often join them as we walk towards our homes. Today they were very touchy feely and I could see that they were up to no good. I tried to keep my distance, but being the only foreigner they have ever seen, I often get my three feet rule broken.

I was carrying many things with me. I had my computer, my wallet containing important things, and my phone. I was worried that these particular children were being too touchy so I protected my computer and wallet. As I was focusing on these items, these clever little devils had at my phone without my even noticing. And who says 10 year olds are not clever?

I am sad that I have no phone, I am angry that I was stupid, and confused because I walk with them everyday and nothing like this has ever happened. I guess it goes to show you that niceness does not go far, and that when you least expect it expect it!


Amie said...

Come on Laura you probally have kid connections and can find out who took it!! Snoop around a bit!

sara said...

maybe a water in Szolnok will find it, call every number including other teachers at your school at midnight on a Saturday night and eventualy track you down!! till then you can live in the glory of no interuptions (or connections like me!)