Sunday, December 25, 2005

We still have not made it to Roz's!!!!

Jenna, Emily and I gradually roll out of bed to make coffee and of course switch on MTV. We are enjoying a relaxing morning waiting for Chadwick to call so we might travel to Budapest. We were a little happy that it is getting late and he has not called because we all had hopes that he was getting something only the married people get while living in Hungary. Noon rolls around and we are starving do we saunter outdoors to buy gyros and hot wine. I call Chadwick. The phone picks up, "Hey are you awake yet"? I calmly ask. "I am in a cab in Budapest", was his jack ass response. Although we are well over it now, we were a little pissed because we had been sitting aeound for three hours waiting.
No big deal we well used these three hours to come up with a brilliant plan, Let's mix drinks for the train! Yeah!! To say the very least the train ride was awesome, three women discussing the last night's events and three bottles of rum, vodka(apple flavored), and something clear that was wonderful tasting. One was to be a bitrthday gift, but it made it about half way before we consumed that too. The train arrives and we venture the streets of Budapest to find Roz's house.
We walk out of the tunel and have no clue where to go. The only thing we know is that we are looking for Arpad Bridge. I decide to go and ask someone for help. I scan the area for a safe looking older couple. I approach then and say, "Bocsanat". The reply with we have no money go away in Hungarian. I say "Nem, nem, hol van Arpad Hid"? There faced immediately change and smiles crossed their faces. "Oh yes it is right over there dear".
As I walked away, I took a look at myself and decided that I was dressed pretty good and did not look like a bum, so there was no need for them to treat me like a beggar. At this moment of thought another crossed my mind, I need to break the seal. I am not the only one and we discuss that it can not be much further to Roz's palace so we should hold it. That lasted about a half an hour when we became desperate. Just when I think that I might have to change my pants when we arrive a light shines on a sigen reading WC. We run to find that it is locked. Whatever we drop trou, and only one of us does not make it. I will not release the name of who that was, but I lived in the woods for a year and am a pro outdoor pee'er, just ask the marathon that ran past as we did so. We are almost to the birthday party. To find out who got free drinks, a little action, and what we danced to check in tomarrow. This so ends the reading of today's gospel of Laurnia. PS Baby Jesus takes the Hungarian part of Santas job to help out and he brought me two puppets. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good holiday adventure.

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