Friday, December 23, 2005

Thank you James for the facts.

Getting around in Hungary can be challenging at times. Just as you think you have the system down they go and change it without asking the permission of the americans. The group of CETPers decided to gather in Budapest in honor of Harpswell, Kat, and Mariah's birthdays. I decided that I would first go to Szolnok to attend a Christmas party with Emily and her Oxford shcool. This is where I met a wonderful man named Yatzee or something who was a great fan of the Star Wars and thought up until me that girls knew nothing of the subject, James would be proud that I battled with the best and had the correct facts. After class on friday I was in a rush to the train station and pretty much ran to catch the train. I buy my ticket to find the ticket lady in a tizzy about who knows what. I was proud because I understood some of what was said and found out that the schedule was changed, but then she lost me which is not uncommon when she started writting stuff on my ticket. Just as I thought all was lost Janna calls and plans to meet me and I then regain my travel confidence and decide the train lady has no clue what she is talking or writting about. As usual I had no minutes to call anyone so her call was music to my ears, we met in the wonderful city of Nyiregyhaza and traveled onto the christmas party. To find out what happened at the party tune in tomarrow. Viszontlatasra.

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