Saturday, December 24, 2005

Just before phase two.

The Christmas Party was wonderful. I wore my beautiful elf shirt and helped in a little american christmas presentation. It was also fin because at the end of the presentation we each, and by we I mean the four americans Jenna, Em, Chadwick and myself had conversations with hungarian families who were trying to learn english. It was quite the conversation I had. I was speaking in Hunglish, and only felt confident after the happy litlle family bought me some alcohol. After my conversation with the family I met up with Em and some of here older students who were around our age so it was a more interesting conversation. They taught me some colorful Hungarian workds such as mige and lofasz, this is a PG sight so translations will not be provided.
I as usual danced a lot and ended the evening on a wonderful note, plans to meet Chadwick in the morning when he calls so we can begin phase two of the weekend...the trip to Budapest.

Aside from my wonderful weekend I just wanted to throw a little Boldog Karacsony es boldog uj evet to all. I hope all those who I can not share the holidays with find themselves safe and happy. And get good presents tooo. I love you mommy and daddy!!!!

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