Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Getting sick and going home!

As we left off we were all boarding the train to travel home, well I am going to Nyrigyhaza so I don't have to brave the cold as you probably remember. Things are going okay at this point, we buy tickets and actually we buy an extra ticket which sucks but I use it later so no worries. The ticket lady told us to ride in the dinning car so that we could all sit together, as we do so some train conductor tells us not to, but as soon as he is out of sight, we go there anyway. I have always been a rule follower, but just this once I decide it is okay to break a little rule. The train starts up and we begin on our quest. We had a rough night and soon Jenna is passed out while the rest of us enjoy food and refreshments. The train stops and we say goodbye to Emily, and continue on our way. The train stops several more times, and finally the train conductor comes and asks where we are trying to go we tell her, and she tells us we missed our stop, but it is all good because we are in Kisvarda and that is where Mariah lives so we can crash at her place. We do so and I get to witness the wonderful wake up of a super happy morining person scrambleing to make coffee while grumbling the morning goddess for waking her. Jenna and I board the train and find that the train goes north, back through Kisvarda, and then onto Nyrigyhaza, that means I missed my only connection that would get me to my town on time to teach. I feel really sick at this point and can barely talk because my throat hurts and I feel like I may have a fever. To make things worse my phone has decided to re code itself, so I can not call my school to tell them I will not make it to class. We have a master plan to go to Jenna's and call Hanji to call school for me and I really can not talk so she tells me to stay in bed. That night I go to the train station to try again, the train does not show up so once again I will spend the night at Jenna's. I finally get a train the next morning walk home and get picked up half way and told to stay in bed and that I was not allowed in school that day or the next day. So I stayed in bed and acted Hungarian, because my co teacher told me that this is not america and when you are sick you stay in bed. I slept and regained energy for the next weekends adventures. All I have to say for that is J-E-L-L-O!

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