Monday, December 26, 2005

We make it to Roz's and move to phase three.

The weekend proves to be a very American weekend starting out with ordering Pizza Hut, and women drinking beer....from a can!! Dinner is finished and I can feel the beat of music running through my veins, and that means... Let's Dance. We venture to the clubs. Once again the dancing shoes are on my feet and I more than cut a rug, I think we as a group must manufacture them. Also I saw a lot of action on the dance floor, some wanted and some that could have never of happened. But all and all a great night of my favorite thing dancing, which we did until about four in the morning when we decided to travel back to Roz's to regroup. We had cramped sleeping courters and a lot of wonderful cuddling happened with close friends who have become family in Hungary. This so ends phase two but we will continure right onto phase three.

Trying to get home in Hungary can sometimes prove harder than it is worth. So after a wonderful night sweating the alcohol out of our systems, we send Janika to gather some provisions to get the greese to counteract the small hangover many of us were suffering from. The wonderful man takes charge and brings home an american favorite...BurgerKing. We enjoy our gressy meal while talking of our dance moves to out new favorite song, Who the F#*@ is Alice. Where is Jacek when you need him. Later we continue the american genre by lunching at subway. As much as one would like to denounce the american food industry taking over the world, sometimes it is damn nice to order something and know what it is going to actually be. Jenna, Emily, Mariah, and I decide the weekend has been great now lets go home. The beauty of this is that all of us will be traveling on the same train.

My train station is a short hike along a dangerous highway that I would rather not brave in the dark, so it is decided that I will spend the night at Jenna and Yerik's and travel to my place in the morning in the safety of the sunlight. The plan is set and put into action. To enjoy the follies of this trip try back tomarrow.

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