Monday, December 11, 2006

Sparklers or Csillagszóró

As many of you are well aware of sometimes in my flat the water will go down the pipe and out of the pipe comes the most discusting smell somewhat like sewage. Thankfully this does not happen all the time, but when it does it needs to be taken care of ASAP! Jenna was here on one of these smelly occasions. We left for the shop to buy food and get away from the gastly smell. We had everything we wanted from the shop and waited in line to pay for our goods. We noticed a small package with csillagszóró written on it. Well csillag is the word for star, and it being Christmas we thougt ah this must be Christmas incense!! We smelled it, and stuck it into our basket as my neighbor behind the checkout smiled and shook her head yes. With her approval of our decision we purchased this wonderful smell great thing.

When we arrived back at my flat we were engrosed in a converstion so forgot about the incense. Soon after our discussion had lulled for a bit we decided to make an event out of lighting the incense. We made a holder for the sticks, because I usually use cones and prepared. We lit it once and a little spark came out but it did not stay lit. We thought well isn't that festive? We continued to light it and sparks came flying out everywhere. I hurried to move all my books aside, we laughed at the fact that we were that daft as to not realize what we had bought. And, my flat smelled worse than it had to begin with, there is nothing like the smell of tons of sulfur in a small area!!

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Jeremy Jewett said...

nice work laura!
you've given my world new meaning.
love the new deisng.
the pictures!