Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Magyarorszag vs USA

One morning, after a quiet night of DVD watching, four americans went for a tour of Hernadnemeti. We encounterd my neighbors first while standing on my patio, and on the street we met some of the children I talk to everyday going to and from school.

We traveled to my school where Eric was put through many tests to see if he was up to par on his 4th grade knowledge...don't worry the kids helped him. We also traveled outside to the play yard where the real fun begins!

The 4th graders loved us. Eric was popular to the girls, and we were all popular for playing a football match. The teams: 9 fast, skillful footballers in 4th grade vs 4 out of shape Americans. To make a long story short we, the Americans lost big time, but not without Alicia getting revenge on Marko and landing on him to which he screamed in Hungarian, wow she must be 50 kilos!!! We said that was all she was and continued playing. Alicia also made friends with the Mayor's son Peti and they posed for the camera.

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