Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Phase One Of Our Thanksgiving Holiday

On November 21st, Alicia and Eric began their epic journey to the center of Eastern Europe for a five day journey. They did not know what to expect. They encountered hardships, no sleep, containing all their precious liquids in minimum space, and last but not least confiscated sensitive toothpaste. They over came these perils and arrived safely in Budapest at high noon on the 22nd of November.
I traveled only 200km to meet them in their journey and show them way . We boarded a train in Keleti to begin the hike to Hernadnemeti. We switched trains in Miskolc, then walked the long and lonely highway to my flat. From there on out it was a relaxing evening. I am sure they traveled all the way from St. Paul to watch DVDs, but anyone who has been to my flat knows that after 4:00pm there is not much else to do. We enjoyed each others company and battled jet leg.
I made them a traditional Hungarian first meal, and we drank non other than Borsodi Beer!!! We enjoyed But I’m a Cheerleader, and snuggled under the covers to sleep. It was a good night, when we awake it will be Thanksgiving day and the anticipation of the popular American holiday is getting to us.

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