Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fun In The Konyha...Kitchen!!

In the event that I did not feel like traveling this weekend, since I will be spending the majority of my Winter Break in Budapest playing play station, watching football, and hitting up the Christmas Market, I stayed home and tried some new recipes I saw on two different Cooking Shows. One show was off the web, and in English, always a bonus. The other was on the wonderful channel M1, which of course was in Hungarian, but helpful to me was the written ingredients on the screen, and it moved rather slow so I could understand it.

I first started the weekend off making a wonderful fresh squeezed orange juice to get rid of some oranges that would soon go bad. It was a very refreshing difference in the morning to go with my pancakes!!!

I then decided to start with the English show first and make sugar cut out cookies. The hardest part in this was converting measurements and finding all of the ingredients I take for granted in the United States. I still have not found cornstarch, I could only find corn meal so will undertake making corn bread this week which is one of my favorites.
I usually have a hard time with sugar cut outs, but this batch turned out marvelous!! I had no cookie cutters, and obtained a rolling pin from my fellow teacher Iren, who gave it to me as a Christmas gift knowing I cooked a lot. I decided not to pule{it was my word of the day from a dictionary thing I belong to :-)} over my misfortunes of not having and put my ever so useful Studio Art major to work and simply drew some of my own cut outs. This was fun because I could make what ever I wanted. I made a wonderful Santa face, a cool detailed snow flake, and some tools used by the elves. I also took the advice of my sister Amie and used her icing recipe, only adding chocolate since I also could not find any food coloring. Anyway it was fun and yummy!!

Onto the Hungarian home-made hot chocolate. It turned out wonderful, but very very sweet, so I improvised and watered it down a little. I also made some hot wine using the easy recipe written on the screen. Both turned out great, and unlike last year there was no sludge monster lurking at the bottom of the cup!! To say the least I had a very Yummy Weekend!!

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