Thursday, December 21, 2006

Moving into the Unknown

As many of you know, my flat on of the perks of living in the tiny, but nice village of Hernadnemeti. I am in love with my balcony patio, and the flat is, lets face it, just cool. Well to my surprise on Thursday, I was informed that I am to move from this flat onto another. I will still be in the same building, so I am not worried I will have a bad experience.

A few things do worry me however. One, I am expected to move in to the new flat by the first of January. This means that my Winter Break will be somewhat disrupted. That makes me a little sad, but I can deal with it. The thing that worries me most is INTERNET. I just spent what little money I have on putting in a phone line, and after months of waiting finally received Internet in my flat. This is very important to me for several reasons. I have grown fond of talking with my sisters and nephews each and every day. Also my parents just joined into the online chatting world, so I can also talk to them every day. This is very important to maintaining my sanity. The second, and only important to me, is looking for a job online. I am sad to say this is my last year, for I do want to go home and be closer to my family. Without Internet this will be more difficult.

So not to sound like I am complaining, but I am a little bit. I don't mind moving, but I want the same perks as in this flat. I am happy with everything I have received her in Hernadnemeti and am very thankful. So here is to hoping the new flat is as wonderful as this one. I will miss you my beloved MTV Cribs of CETP!!!!

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