Monday, December 18, 2006

Meet my favorite band...

Just Leave Me Alone Now
This is a new band that just hit the Top Charts. With their number one single Just Leave Me Alone Now. They have been together for several months, but are just now seeing the fruits of their labor. Here is a close look into the new up and coming Punk Band.

Meet Amie, the manager. She is a great lead singer as well as the "team captain". She prepares all of the official road trips in her Chevy Trail Blazer. She coordinates gigs at such places as Air it up, Chucky Cheese (where she occasionally dresses up), and various Zoos. She is best known for her songs I Love My Children, and No No Don't Put That In Your Mouth.

Meet Collin, he is a rocker to the core. He plays the electric guitar (when he gets it for Christmas). He has a punk rockers screech which he is famous for. He also sings lyrics in I Want to Play With My Toys Now, and Now Why...What's That Do.

Meet Alex, the bass player. At the old age of One and a half, he has been strumming on the bass for about a year. He is a very innovative guitarist, and plays a solo in When Does My Mommy Come Home?

Meet Kade, the Drummer. He was born big, bad and ready to pound. He is a natural and has been hitting things since birth. He drums it out in OUCH, My Teeth Are Coming In, and Somebody Change Me!!

This is the fun stuff I miss. Oh well at least it is my wig!!

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Amie said...

This is too funny!!!