Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Good things always happen to me.

A group of us gathered for sausage fest with Gaines. It was a wonderful time. We ate plenty of sausages made from variousthings I imagine. The most intertaining part of the evening aside from the random making out witnessed at a near by disco, was that of a young musitian and his female companion. First we must discuss the type of teenager we are dealing with. He is a lead singer, who on occation has been known to stand on his organ and jump off, have his shirt accidentally fall off, and make love to the microphone stand. Well after his colorful 27th oncore, he found a young lady in the crowd who, my commitators and I hope was a friend already. She with one leg hiked on stage opened up for this young sweaty man stating 'oh you are so hot when your shirt falls off and you wear really tight stone washed pants'. And they proceed to have a moment of seven displaying for all to see their affection for one another. It was wonderful. It almost made it worth the trouble of getting to a small town on a national holiday.
Coming home from sausage fest is where the real adventure lies. All was going as planned when I walked to my first train station and made it to Szolnok with Emily and Chad. We found the one place open to eat McDonalds. Leave it to an American chain to not celebrate a holiday, but we did not mind it was the only food we were going to eat for the day. This is at like 1 in the aftenoon mind you. So I then proceed to my next destination which should have been nirigyhaza. I was told no for the first time that day, and told to boarda train going to Hatvan and that is whereI woould transfer to Miskolcs. Did it all is going fairly well but long because of the holiday I had to take all of the slow transportation. So in Miskolsc and due to thedarkness I decide it would be safer to take the bus. I go to boeard the number two tram and get told no again. So I decide I can walk to the nearest bus stop. I missed the bus to my village by two minutes. The next was at 10 53 and it was only 8 or so. I walk back to the train station and ask information which train goes through hernádnémeti, i was told there was only one the one heading toward tiszaujvaros. well anyone who thinks about it would think that was crazy so I asked her again and she said yes and only that one. I board the train. The ticket master did not sayI was on the wrong train, but luck would have it that that train never went to my village. The last sotop comes and I am getting out and ask the conductor where am I? He says some random town and asked me where I want to be. I state the name of my village and he laughs. Tells me to get back on the train and he will take me all the way back to Miskolcs. At this point it is around 10. I think oh idea my friend liz lives in the town over, i will stay with her. Luck has it again and she is out of town for the night and her flat is locked. She calls a friend and has her father meet me at the train station. He allows me to stay in his son's flat and lizcomes for me the next morning. We walk to the bus station and I have missedthe last bus going to my village until 3, I teach at 11 50. I seethere is one going to Böcs the town next to me and it leaves now!!! I think fast jump on and make it to Böcs at 10, I walk home and change into dress clothes by 11 15 and have time to spare. Good things always happen to me.

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