Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The joys of a language barrier!!!

So as many of you may know learning Hungarian is difficult. My town has not quite got that I myself am not a native speaker and rarely understand what they are saying. I when nervous smile which leads them to belive I understand, and I also have a habit of nodding and smiling when I can't hear which also sends this message.
Well having been in Hungary alone in my appartment I also have been known to dance and sing to whatever music I have selected at the time. Doing so I have developed a reputation and my co workers often comment on it on Monday morning. The first mishap for me came when the teacher who sits next to me in the teacher room, Gabi said something to me with the words enekel and tancol in it. These are the words for sing and dance. I thought she was making jokes about my latest moves. I was wrong I accedentaily joined the school choir and will be singing amazing grace in the christmas pagent. I blame the language barrier.
The second event this week was when Liz and I decided it would be entertaining to go to 40 Year old Vergin. Buying the tickets were a challange and the man kept laughing at us stating that we do not speak Hungarian. I was like duh, good thing it is an English film. Well we finally get the tickets and sit crammed like sardines into the last row. Apparently in Hungary movie tickets come with a seat number and they pack you in even it there are only ten of you you will all be in the back row. Anyway we were waiting for the movie to start and boasting that we will be the only ones laughing because the translations will be so bad in the subtitles. Oh no the joke was on us it was dubbed and that is why the man kept stessing that we did not know Hungarian. Language barrier again wins. On my way to walk Liz to the bus stop some little old lady said a whole bunck about Monday, I had no clue I quickely walked away and on the way back I got an earful from another lady about missing the bus to Miskolc and could not tell here they go every half hour. So I leave with the message this language is really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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