Monday, October 10, 2005

Living through the eyes of Laura

This is my new means of informing those I am close to as well as those who I only pretend about my adventures. This is the first time I have done this some might say that I am infact a virgin blogger. As i sat down to create the perfect first entry my hands started to get sweaty with fear that all will be disappointed and will not want to read about ly life. It may not be interesting to all so my fingers start tremblimg and the letters become jumbled exspecially because I am still hesitating my typing strokes due to the backwards way the keyboard is set up. Well friends and family here it goes no stopping know I am on my way to a brand new adventure.
I arrived in the small and quite town on Hernádnémeti not long ago approxamately a month and am enjoying the small pleasures of city life but let me go back to the beginning. On a quet night on June 21, 1979 a yong couple tucked in their first born to the pleasures of toddler dreams. They shut the door and move quietly down the stairs carefull not to wake the little one. They take their usuall nightly positions in the livingroom, the man in his rocking chair reading of politics and religion while listening to the moving sounds of his latest big band record, and his wife in her soft chair picking up her knitting where it left off and dreamoing of the little one that is to come who is growing so strong inside her. As she is finishing her knit pearl sequence she grimmices and thinks to herself I told Ed not to cook the meat so spicey I knew I would have heartburn. Ed looks up from his book and questions is everything okay dear to get the reply yes but it was too spicey. To say the least it was not heartburn aching in my mother it was me impatiently wanting to get out of the cramped quarters I had been residing in the last few months. Grandma was called to watch after my sister and my mother and father hurried to deliver me their precious laura. It was not an easy thing to do, I never can do things the easy way I always try to challange myself in everything even birth. In my impatient temper I sucked down some embionic fluid during the sea section and landed myself in a plastic box for the first moments in life. I guess the best things do go to the ones who wait. I however did not wait and put my parents through some un needed worries which I will be doing more in my next few years. Laura Jo Stigen welcome to the world. The end

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Emily said...

Laura. At this rate, it's going to take you until June just to recap the first year of life. But I look forward to reading every minute of it.