Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It is not always what you think!

I would like to state that the spell check on the computer is not working and since living in a world were we spell phenetically I am sure there are many mis spellings, but as I do with my students I overlook the gramatical errors and look and fluency and understanding.
Upon reading an e mail from my friend Yerik about his pleasant meal of liver in the Hungarian cafeteria, I started thinking of all the things we think we are eating and it turns out to be something very different. I think Liz can understand this from her adventure in Kalocsa where she bought the lovely cow intestions which were horrible. Those who took a taste can vouge that they were real hard to chew and going down the felt somewhat like a catipillar crawling down your throught. My sister once had an experience eating a catipillar once when she was one. Our friend Mike had placed a jar in her playpen on a camping trip. She always was a clever one and found a way of opening the jar and eating the fuzzy little creature. To say the least it was the last time she ate red meat.
So as I was saying about my appearance in the world, to no suprise to my mother I was delivered by means of a seasarian section. My mom knew this because my sister, the catipillar eater, decided if anything she would jump into this world feet first. So I am here and I am heading to my new home with my family.
My home was a small and wonderfully colored house. Since this home I have always dispised the color pink. It is not fair to say that I hate pink because of this house it might in fact be because of an ugly episode later in life while wearinga brand new pink wind breaker. Anyways this home treated me well and next to this ink dwelling lied the dark brown home of my best and favorite childhood friend Hans. We had many good times together playing in the tree house hiding from our sisters. I was three and together we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new siblings to join us in our thirst for adventure. And to take the place of the easy target that the youngest always seems to be labled with. Hiding was key for Hans and I because our sisters Amie and Sarah were clever and tricky. "Hey Laura I have some really good chocolate milk, would you like a taste"? Boy would I I thought as Hans and I raced down the tree. You see from the events of my birth I was always troubled with breathing problems and milk sometimes aggrivated my breathing so it was not often that I could be seen drinking chocolate milk. I often saw the other kids drinking chocolate milk and longed for a taste and in my excitement I ran up to Amie and Sarah. I grabbed the brown filled cup and thrust it to my mouth letting the liquid pour into my mouth. It was chunky and hard to swallow but at last I recieved the taste I was searching for and quickly spit it out. Yuck!! This is it this is what I was wating for? Hans also tried the potion and exclained,"This is not chocolate milk this is mud". I was heart broken as the girls ran away laughing and shrieking the way only girls can. Hans and I returned to our tree house fort where we waited for Paderick, Hans' older brother to plan our counter attack.

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