Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Daily Routines

For the last few weeks my students and I have been discussing daily routines or in their case napirend. As we are talking about what time they get up and when they do what it is they do all day I began thinking or daydreaming rather, because I think I have ADD and no one told me, anyway I began thinking. I think about how it is getting harder and harder for me to get up in the morning. Is this due to the weather or amI getting lazy with my challenging schedule? At any rate I know it is not due to lack of sleep because in the week I go to bed no later than 10, and sometimes I even fit in a nap. Napping reminds me of siesta a clever name given to the naps we had a camp. Which then makes me think of my past daily routines and how I like this so much better. Some may have heard this story but because it just gained me enterance to a writting program I would like to enter it into my blogger report it I may, and I know I may because this is my damn blogger so there.
After I lay awhile and wake up I start my morning routine. It is very repititious for I do this every morning. I slowly, and I mean sloth like, I slink under my bug net and begin the task of changing from my sleepwear into my really stylish camos and a T shirt usually reading soething obscure like Do Not Lick Frozen Flag Poles. This is exspecially amuzing die to the fact it is Georgia. I guess they need to be told not to lick frozen flag poles because it would be an unusual phenomenom to have the temperature drop low enough to have it freeze anything. After I have placed on my socks and hiking boos I slowly stumple toward THE BOX.
Ahh the box, the most feared adventure for the boys and chiefs alike. A boy would hold it up to a week before entering this toilet of doom. The smell itself is enough to purm anyones nose hairs not to mention the creepy crawly things that have made a home in what lies beneath. Flashlight in hand I open the think wooden door, I light the area scanning for any sudden movement that could be slithering or crawling about the inner cavity of the box. After the area is secure I quickly get down to buisness, run out rapidly to inhale the morning's fresh air. It is a relief, fresh air ahh.

I am so lucky to be away from that and living in a cute little village of Hernádnémeti, where instead of the box I have roosters and cows which sometimes produce a stench as putrid as the box, but I have the plesure of hiding in my wonderful flat listening to music and watching BBC.

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