Tuesday, October 18, 2005

where has all the time gone?

So this last weekend I spent with a wonderful group of Hungarian teachers on a little jaunt to Göndölő, a well known castle district. It was very interesting yet I was lost because the tour was in Hungarian, and I understood about a fourth of it. Anyway I was presented with a tour booklet with some english written into it and used that to get the history behind the areas in which we were looking. We also saw a horse show where a man showed us how the Hungarians used to battle and the way it is a little different from the techniques used by master bow men today. As I was watching a little cat climbed and sat upon my lap. He nuzzled his head into my legs for warmth and made himself comfortable and enjoyed the horse show in my company. I am not fond of cats but the always seem to find me it is in their nature I suppose.
Well upon my arrival back to my flat I realized it was near nine at night and we had left at eight that morning the time flew I was having such a great time. The teachers broke open the first bottle of palenka and cracked the first beer by 8 30, so I was drunk by about 10, you do not refuse liquer from a hungarian they will have non of it. Sunday flew too before I knew it it was time to make some lesson plans and hurry off to bed. I feel that time is moving too quickly if I blink my trip will beover. I need to slow my role and enjoy my time for all its worth. I am sorry to say there will not be a clever story this time, I haveto teach the kids, but I promise a good one for next time.

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