Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's here I have Internet

As most of you know I have been in an uphill battle with Hungary and T online about getting internet. Tears shed and three months later, I have internet. It was a struggle, phone calls with Aniko, Istvan spending time in my flat on my computer, a wasted weekend and it ended with a quiet little Hungarian coming and solving my problems and worries. I only had to try and translate my computer's English so he could put in the Hungarian codes and such.

I had to put in a phone line which took a month on its own. I was then handed a modem and told Na...go install it. Too bad it was all in Hungarian. I figured out the first half with szoltar in hand, but did not know all of the technical hungarain mumbo jumbo, if it were in English I still would not know though. Thanks for the help Hungary.

Well let it be, I can not complain now, I have internet!!! I talked with my sisters as soon as it was hooked up and immediately felt better about the whole situation. I will let you know that I will be updating my blog more often now that it is in the comfort of my flat.

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jrj said...

congrats. i bet it feels great to e-mail! looking forward to more stories. :-)