Friday, November 17, 2006

T.hank G.oodness I.ts F.riday

I look out the window and struggle to see the small farm across the way yet the alarm of the roosters has crowed telling me I must get out of bed and begin my day. I wearily walk out my door having not yet felt the effects of the cup of coffee I have just consumed. I head to school thinking TGIF, thank goddness its Friday. It could not be more true, having had a busy and stressful week. I hear the pound of hooves on our mainstreet. Again, I am thankful for the sound because I see nothing past the thick fog that has over taken everything. It may dissapear while I finish this week's lessons. It seems to be the Hungarian fall, fog fog fog!
Sure enough the fog had cleared as second period was finishing. Today went smooth, which usually my 2.a class gives me some problems. We had a wonderful day of bingo, reviewing all of our new vocabulary. But, alas the last class has finished, the bell has rang, and I was quickly out the door.
Now I sit typing while watching my neighbors play a make shift volleyball. They hit a small rubber ball over a closed fence and it appears they are allowed to catch it. I am endlessly amazed at the games they come up with and all the fun they have with a simple green rubber ball. I have joined this fun. They have been to my door to see if I will join but I was talking to my mom on MSN. The pleasure of internet finally had in my flat.

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jrj said...

TGIF. i love that shit. and so does Little Kristian in Heves. I bet he's still running around yelling TGIF every darn day of the week.

Happy Thanksgiving, friend.