Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A wonderful weekend

I had a wonderful weekend with friends who I feel very fortunate to have here in Hungary. I started out the weekend with my friend Mariah who joined me from Kisvarda, together we braved the highway and I made it out unharmed by flying wine. We once again made a great impression on my village's ABC store. And another plus my bathroom did not explode on her. We traveled together to Eger, a beautiful town and met Mark along the way. Mariah barely escaped my town under the grasps of evil little yippy dogs. They came barreling out of the gates trying to sink their teeth into Mariah's flesh. She let out a high pitched scream and turned very red. Her scream totally surpassed my vocal outbursts the week before.

We managed to get to Eger succesfully, after taking a moment to enjoy a big breakfast, which we opted over catching our first train. We get there late allowing us very little time to enjoy the beautiful Eger sites before darkness settles, but in time to hang out with wonderful friends. As we waited for our last friend to arrive we gathered in a unique little coffee bar for good conversation. I found out that Kyle, a great, great person has made the hard decision to leave Hungary and tackle other adventures on the home front. I cannot lie, I am very sad about this because Kyle is someone I enjoy so much and hardly had the time to get to know her. I valued the time we spent in Eger conversing over a hot cup of coffee. I have decided that she can be one of my new pen pals and was delighted when she agreed to do so as well. I embrace our new postal friendship that we will share. I am sad to see her go, but I understand her need for departure. I have been in situations which were not good for me emotionally and wass happy for the chance to make the decision that would help my self wellness. I am sad to see you go Kyle, but would be far more so if you stay unhappy.

We had an excellent night tasting the areas wine and relaxing with friends. I have to put in a note of fear I know have for wine when consuming it with friends. It seems wine hates me as much a trains. I once again recieved a shot in the eye from the red evil which sprayed from the mouth of not Mariah, but Janos. I was happily laying when all of a sudden a table flew, my eye stung and Janos was found on the floor. I was a direct target, the wine even jumped and avoided my glasses with a direct hit!!!

My trip home as always was an adventure. I had a plan to return with Jenna through Nyrígyhaza so I would not have to walk to highway. On the train I met Kat and Liz coming home from their trip to Vienna. Liz was going to take the train to Miskolc and bus from there. I decided that was a wonderful idea and joined her. I found out that the only bus to my village was coming in three and a half hours. To make things worse I had to pee, imagine that and all the bathrooms in the surrounding area were closed or broken, what luck. It did give me time to reflect on the recent events and enjoy some reading. I will enlighten everyone to my reflections some other day so just wait.

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