Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Cheesiest of sajt!!!

So in case someone who is not living in Hungary thinks that I am writing cuss words, something I would never do they must learn that sajt, that is the word for cheese. Anyway onto my cheesy reflections from the bus station and the previous weeks. As most know I spent Christmas awaz from home this year, and it had its pleasures as well as its hardships. Obviously spending time away from home is very sad and I missed my friends and exspecially my family. I did however realize more than ever this year how lucky I am in the friends and family I have.

Although I was not with them, they were with me. I was so lucky in the mail and phone calls I recieved. I consider my family the best and want to thatnk them for being the best. It makes this experience even more wonderful. Well I could go on but I am making myself sick with cheesiness, I just want my friends and family both here and at home to realize that I appreciate them. The End

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