Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The best traveller ever!!!

I had a wonderful week teaching with my students. Today was a little confusing because we started a new semester, and this is the first running week of it. One of my classrooms was taken over so my students and I had to make due with the library. I uite enjoyed it actually, and I have access to some computers and the TV DVD stuff. So this class might prove to be my favorite soon. Anyway just a side note, now for the weekend update.

I travelled to Budapest this weekend for the sole purpose of paying Hajni and seeing the new CETPers. I saw some of the new comers, but did not see Hajni so I still have a wad of cash for her, which I almost lost in buying a game cube that is selling in Budapest. Wow good thing the store was closed. I also missed seeing Kyle becasue I wanted to get home rather early. This again did not happen because I had to keep my reputation as the worse train rider ever. I once again had difficulties going home. And by difficulties I just mean things were not to plan as I like it being a big planner and all.

Liz and I were traveling from Budapest and were on course to switch in Miskolc to hop a quick train to Tiszaújváros, where I was going to spend the night. On the train one of the conductors started shouting something about Tiszaújváros, Liz and I just wanted to stick to our plan that we sat silent until the screaming was over. We get off in Miskolc to see our train was cancelled and the place is swarming with abandoned skiiers lost and unable to return or go to their planned destinations. We decide to take a bus to Liz's and I would then take one from there to my village in the morning. Everything at this point is running smooth. I wake up, enjoy a breakfast, and walk to the bus station. I wait and get pressured to follow and join God's choosen people of Jehovah and soon figure out my bus is not coming, and to my luck the nextone will not come until my classes are over. I go back to Liz's and get sucked into several episodes of Desperate Housewives. I am like a crack addict, episode after episode I just couldn't get my fix. We decide after two discs or so that we will venture to Misckolc for a lovely dinner and then bus to our towns from there. We have a wonderful dinner and get to the bus station to catch the 730 bus. I once again think I will be stuck because my bus does not come until closer to 8, but aventually I make it home unharmed. Good things always happen to me!!

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