Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A few trips across the border.

In lue of needing a new visa in my trusty passport some of us have been making the journey across the Hungarian border to Slovakia. A few women on a journey to gain acceptaince in a world unlike any other, or just get some stupid paper work so we can get paid our peasant salary.
Erin, Harpswell, Jenna and I are driven by our trusty guide, Hajni to the edge of Hungary and with her aid we make it successfully across the border to have her car start smoking in the rear. "Oh my God, everyone out of the car" is heard for miles or should I say kilometers since we are in Hungary. We stand there for some moments while Hajni on all fours inspects the vehicle. She has been known to be a little nervous in certain situations so she calls Erin's personal shoffer to the scene to help us in our mission for Visas.
Three go with the un named man, or maybe it is just I who does not know his name, and I ride with Hajni and explain my life's theory of GOOD THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME and that today I could feel it we were not going to die. She laughed and talked of her amazment in my optimism.
We obtain the Visas, WOO HOO WE CAN GET MONEY!!! and headed back to familiar territory MAGYARORSZAG and live to tell the story.

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Amie said...

Oh Laura you always have such "good luck" while traveling!!