Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The September Sum up

I started the year off great, and it has passed so quickly. In september I have visited the Aggtelek Caves, and had a wonderful time with both new CETPers as well as a dear old CETPer, Jenna. I have made two trips across the border to Slovakia in order to obtian a Visa, I am now allowed in Hungary!! I went to a wonderful winde festival on accident in Satoraljaújhely with a new CETPer named Erin and learned how to make the best pancakes ever!!! I spent a Saturday on the pitch with my Hungarian women's team, that was fun I made the ref made and my best friend in one small toss of the ball...who knew tessék did not mean toss the soccer ball at me?? And last of not least I spent my last September weekend in Nyrígyhaza with Erin a newly aquainted CETPer and Jenna a dear old friend. September was wonderful.

Things to look forward to in October.
1) Some day I should be getting internet in my flat!!
2) A camping trip with old friends.
3) Rosemary in Budapest
4) Janos and Liz over fall break!!!
5) Dinner with my fourth grader, Bence, and his family.

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