Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back in the saddle agian...

Another year has started in Hernádnémeti Hungary. Unfortunately I missed the wonderful opening ceremony to bring in the new school year. I was hanging out with Kat in Budapest waiting for a ride to Hernádnémeti. I did not want to travel on the trains with all of my luggage which came late, boy was it a relief for all when I finally had the chance to change my clothes!!!

During orientation I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful new teachers who I hope to make friends with over this school year. I also had some free time where Emily and I went to take in the culture of the museums on Hösok Tere. The artists on display were very cool and it was good to get the chance to see some works of political nature to a more traditional style of barok and midevil nature.

I am now settling back in my peaceful village. I went shopping at Csaba's store and was greeted warmly by all I chanced upon on my way. I have had my first day of classes as well as am in my second as I type. Both went and are going well. I found out that the teachers move up with the students so each child will have the same teacher from 1st to 8th grade. That to me was very interesting. I am sure a family bond is formed therefore love and hate toward each other is understatndable. I was also shocked by how the second year seems so far, in my second day, just like the first. It hardley seems I had a break away from them, and we can continue where we left off. I have had some new students though and I look forward to getting to know them.

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jrj said...

please tell hernad, come harvestfest 2006 time, that i miss it.

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