Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No harm with no luggage when aou are safe.

I battled flight attendents, heavy luggage, and boarder patrol to end my journez in Hungary without clothing. I was a little nervous about traveling without a valid visa, overweight luggage, and my hidden toothpaste in my carry on. I made it though. I had a story planned for when they questioned my expired visa and everything. The only scare I had the whole trip was when a women from the Netherlands felt me up in order to believe I was not harboring anything I should not. It was only because I forgot to take off my belt. so away from her tight grasps on my body I continue on my merry way. I get to Hungary without a problem and think wow that was really easy...not so fast, my luggage did not arrive to its destination and I have yet to shower and I smell like Hungarian cattle on their way to the river for the day.

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Amie said...

hi laura,
i miss you!
Collin typed this himself!!! We miss you!