Tuesday, November 22, 2005

There are some things a person just shouldn't see!!

As many of us do, or all of us I should say who live in Hungary walk to and from their work each day. Well I was doing just that one afternoon after a day of struggling with communicating with my students. I was reflecting on my struggles when I happened across a man doing that as well. He was a man in his fifties or so, and was hauling what appeared to be lead pipes on his bicycle, another key transport. The bike was getting unsteady and so being the good person that I am quickened my pace to see if I might offer him some Stigen assistance. As I closed in on him I noticed that he was spilling some water or something on the ground and i thought it was a weird time to be quenching ones thirst while struggling along so. I just about reached this man when I realized that it was not water that was pouring and splashing where I walk but urine. The man was struggling to releave himself, while carring his load of goods. I was shoked and totally grossed out. I quickly moved to the road so I would not have to step in it. I once again quickened my pace to out walk the man to my street. I have farther to walk on the street than the walking path, and we met in the crossing and in Hungarian he turns to me and asks if something smells odd. Well in my head I had a lot of things to say beins somewhat sarcastic. I did not had the hungarian words to communicate my not so nice thoughts so politely stated yes, but I dont know what it is. This makes the list of things one should not ever see.

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