Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Had a wonderful weekend

Today the sun has hid and rain scatters all about Hernádnémeti. I would be sad but I had a wonderful weekend with some CETPers. It started on Friday when I played football and forwent the Spanish party at Liz's I had to trade one good thing for the other. But on Saturday I met them in Miskolc to head up to the Aggtelek caves. First of all I almost missed the train, even with living here this long I still have no idea why it did not come. A long story short I made the train and headed to the caves.

The caves were absolutely beautiful. The only complaint the whole day was the fact that there was not an ATM within 30km. No worries the caves were georgious. I was so happy to have gone. I was having fun and did not want to go home so some of us decided to dine in Miskolc. After this I went to Liz's and watched the end of the Desperate Housewives season one. I was so into this show that I did not go home until Monday and had the opportunity to dine at Mama Rosas. It was great. That concludes the weekend. And only 12 more days until I see my mom and dad.

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