Thursday, April 27, 2006

Whats up with laura

I am pround to say that I have had a wonderful week here in Hernádnémeti. I have been enjoying the great sunshine. I had visitors one weekend and we enjoyed watching my sixth through eigth graders play in a football match. Unfortunately they did not win but Liz, Jenna and I sure did. Jenna ran and scored us some ice cream from a passing ice cream truck. We all went to Miskolc and had a good time shopping and talking.

At school I have been busy. I have been taking the kids outside to teach them 4 Square. It was my favorite game as a kid so I thought they would like it. I was right. They love it, plus we made the court way bigger so it is more of a challenge. I am excited for the weekend where I will be traveling to Tata. It will be a good time I am sure. I am also interested in planning a cooking weekend where we will attemp stuffed cabbage so anyone who is in the area and interested let me know. I have a good cooking kitchen. Oh yeah 30 days until my mom and dad will be here!!!! Well the sun is hogh in the sky and I have avoided getting any real work done at home so I better get going to be productive.

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