Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A whole month

Wow! It has been a whole month since I have updated my blog. A lot has happened. I had a wonderful and quite busy month. I have been taking the opportunity to hang out in and near Hernádnémeti and have been enjoying it!! I spent a weekend with a wonderful person, Rosemary, and we made the best bableves anyone could ask for. We ventured to Tiszaújvaros to see the gang of americans but visited only a short while to enjoy some painting and picture swapping. I saw and heard of her wonderful trip to Senegal to see her son and was amazd at the wonderful stories she had. I also had a chance to just chat with Rosemary which was a very welcome break from my past activities.
The next weekend was just as wonderful. My friend Kat came and together we hung out at my school's bring in the spring party. We also ate mac and cheese and drank kool aid!!! I was excited to see all of my students dance and perform traditional and some not so traditional dances. I in fact choreographed the third grade hippie dance, performed to Good Mrning star light from Hair. They did a wonderful job and I took some photos. I had the best time showing the 8th graders my awesome dance moves at their "disco", but my favorite part was all that Kat and I learned from my wonderful co teachers all in hungarian. The best thing I learned that weekend was to say that I am a very picky eater.
I traveled to Kisvarda the following weekend to hang out with Mariah. She has me hooked on some american program called Weeds. It is so funny. We had a relaxing evening. We planned to cook, went shopping, but then lost the time in her neighbors house. Her neighbors invited us over for drinks and snacks and we had such a wonderful time. I again was on the quest to learn new hungarian words and learned the difference between hand and finished which sound to my ear the same but infact are not. Kéz and kész, two very different words. This is also the week that Janos fixed my gamecube. All was lost for the first week, but now I am over my obsession and play it like a normal human.
Jenna came for some cooking and painting this weekend. We made some brownies, and a wonderful fajitas which were hungarianized living in smallville where it is not easy to find ingredients. We also playedsome gamecube and threw toamtoes at rollerbladers and saw Ben Franklin pull a sick 360 grab trick into a wicked manual. Poor Jenna had allergies so we abandoned painting and rocked the beanbag chairs instead. We had so much fun we barely got her on her train.
Today is women's day. I have recieved so many flowers and chocolate from my students it is amazing. Also my students found out I have a game system and now want to come over...I dont think I am okay with that!!! My students are also hounding me about my decision to stay or leave. I told my teachers I had until the 15th and then I would let them know and they told the students. Talk about a small town and a guilt trip!! If the decision is not hard enough itis even harder when a little 7 year old asks You no like Hungary?


jrj said...

welcome back laura. happy womens day. i asked a boy today if there is ever a mens day. he said that every day is mans day. he said it in hungarian, though, so i was the last one in the room to either boo or laugh. (gender-specific response.)

Kat said...

D-day is no longer March 15th, but March 20th...a whole 5 more days to make a life-changing decision! hahaha

WKC said...

Hi Laura,
It sounds like you are enjoying an experience you will never forgot. I love your blog. Good luck in making your decision. Love, Wanda

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