Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I have been invited to a pig killing. Mom and Dad it is while you are here most likely so be ready, you will have to eat fat dripped on some bread. I am sure I will love it. I was invited during a wonderful weekend of playing in a womens football tournament with a group of women I have been playing with while in Hungary. Although challenging, none of them speak a word of english, it was one of my favorite weekends while staying here. Who says being an art major would get me know where it is amazing what you can accomplish through some sketches. I also scored a hungarian language teacher. It was great.
I have made another trip to Budapest for the celebration of St. Patricks Day. I think we were the only ones with the grand idea to live it up in an Irish Pub!!! I was a lot of fun, but I got very little sleep and missed one of my trains so I was scolded when I showedup to football late.
The next weekend I started in Nyrígyhaza and spent the day in Tokaj, an area in Hungary where they produce white wine. It was cool but I only liked the first two wines I tasted. I have learned that I do not like sweet wine. I also met some interesting people there too. It was fun the cellars are interesting and there are some cute crafty type spots so I may have to take my parents there. There is a red wine area in Eger that I would also like to check out so maybe i will save that one for my parents.
The most important news thus far is the arrival of my second nephew. His name is Kade Edwin Olson. He was born on the 22nd of March. My sister is so wonderful that she sent pictures of him as soon as she was home.

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